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ABroad Solutions

ABroad Solutions is a B2B lead generation company headquartered in Colombia that specializes in engaging with prospects via Phone, Email, and LinkedIn InMail to generate sales qualified leads and discovery meetings for companies looking to sell B2B products in USA, Canada, and Latin America markets.
Monthly Prospect List Size Not Specified
Monthly Activities Per Prospect (#) Not Specified
Quarterly Output Target (#) Not Specified
Performance Guarantee Not Specified
Quarterly Investment $6,000 - $14,000
Onboarding Fees Not Specified
Additional Fees Not Specified


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How ABroad Solutions Does Outreach Campaigns

List Building

ABroad Solutions uses the following tactics when building prospect lists:

  • Sales Intelligence Software

Prospecting Sequences

ABroad Solutions includes the following tactics when executing their sales sequences:

  • Cold Outbound Phone
  • Cold Outbound Email
  • Cold Outbound LinkedIn InMail
  • Warm Outbound Phone

Performance Reporting

ABroad Solutions uses the following tactics to report on sales campaigns performance:

  • Not Specified

Case Studies

Case Study #1: E-Commerce Software

Appointment Setting campaign for an E-Commerce Software solution. The client was looking to promote into Operations Leaders at companies in the Retail, and Consumer Products industries operating in the following market(s): USA. The client's sales campaign goal was to generate 4 appointments per month.

ABroad Solutions built a prospect list of 200 contacts using a Sales Intelligence Software.

ABroad Solutions deployed a sales sequence that included Cold Outbound Phone and Cold Outbound Email with a maximum frequency of up to 10 activities per contact per month until the contact converted or requested to be removed from their list.

ABroad Solutions exceeded the campaign goal for the first time in month 2 of the campaign, delivering 8 out of the 4 meetings per month goal. The highest number of meetings ABroad Solutions generated in one month, during the campaign period, was 8.

Frequently Asked Questions

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