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Connect with Active Buyers and Find Your Next Clients HERE!

Get Listed On The World’s #1 Marketplace to Buy and Sell B2B Sales Services!

Join the CloudTask Marketplace today and start gaining access to resources and tools sales agencies use to Shorten Sales Cycles, Increase Win Rates, and Increase Customer Lifetime Value.

  • Receive alerts about new requests from active buyers INSTANTLY
  • Boost Your Brand’s Online Visibility & Authority through our content
  • Connect with other sales agency leaders to share advice and resources in our Private Networking Groups

...and much more!

A New Way For Your Agency To Manage The Client Lifecycle

The CloudTask Marketplace is like Upwork but dedicated strictly to sales services: Buyers come to CloudTask looking to find sales services companies to help them accelerate revenue growth predictably and profitably.

Our vision is that new clients your agency finds through the CloudTask Marketplace are more profitable for your agency because:

  1. You focus on engaging with Buyers that match the profile of companies with whom you’ve had the greatest success.
  2. You spend less time explaining who you are in Discovery Meetings, so you have more time to ensure that Buyers are the right fit for your programs, pricing, and terms.
  3. Clients stay with you longer because your expectations are aligned, and you are already equipped to deliver a 5-star service experience.


What Your Agency Can Expect

  1. Increase Your Reach

    Search for and receive automatic alerts about new requests from active buyers across the globe INSTANTLY.

  2. Performance Insights

    Use your performance dashboard to gain insights you can use to improve your agency’s targeting, messaging, and offers so that you can grow more predictably and profitably.

  3. Exclusive Community 

    Connect with other sales agency leaders to share advice and resources in our Private Networking Groups.

  4. Exclusive Ratings & Reviews 

    All ratings and reviews are from REAL Buyers Contracted Through CloudTask Marketplace, so you no longer have to worry about fake reviews damaging your agency’s reputation or losing deals to providers who inflate their reputations with fake reviews.

  5. Content Marketing

    Boost your brand’s online visibility and authority with agency spotlights, expert roundups, interviews, and more.

What We Need To Complete Your Agency Profile

  1. Submit Marketplace Profile Questionnaire

    Once your application has been approved, you will receive this questionnaire which empowers you to provide specific information about how your agency delivers its sales services along with other relevant details that help Buyers gain clear expectations about what they can expect when they work with you.

  2. Submit Your Agency’s Case Studies

    We have a specific format we use for case studies so that your Ideal Clients have the best chance of recognizing your agency as a good fit. The more case studies you submit over time, the easier it will be for you to get into sales conversations and win business with your highest-value Clients.