B2B Sales Development Program

Fill Your Pipeline With Sales Opportunities!

CloudTask's B2B Sales Development Program uses sales development reps to deliver Sales Opportunities for your sales team.

Business Development Representatives Business Development Representatives Business Development Representatives Business Development Representatives

Sales Development Representatives

Proactively reach out to prospects, qualifying and converting sales qualified meetings for your sales team.

With the Support of a:

Account Manager


Supports the SDR team, organizes weekly reviews & ensures KPIs are met.

Account Manager


Measures and evaluates SDR performance data to identify opportunities for continuous improvement.

Account Manager


Sets up the SDRs with the tools for success and undergoes in-depth training and role plays with the team.

Account Manager


Drafts email and social selling templates to educate and engage prospects on your product or service.


















Find High-Value Prospects

  • Research your total addressable market
  • Identify matches for your ideal customer profile
  • Clean and human-verify the contact data
  • Segment the contacts

Book Qualified Meetings

  • Cross-channel outreach through e-mail, social media, and phone
  • Qualify and book meetings with high-value prospects
  • Track and evaluate performance to identify opportunities for continuous improvement
  • Transfer contacts, performance data, and insights through reporting platform and regular review meetings


English Language
Spanish Language
French Language
Portuguese Language


24 Hours a Day
7 Days a Week
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Customer Reviews

Alex Fisher

Managed Sales Chat Team | Ipswitch - December 2017- Present

“We've seen a large increase in pipeline generation which has

directly lead to more closed deals.”
Alex Fisher, Senior Director of Digital Marketing

CloudTask converts Ipswitch’s website visitors into MQLs and SQLs through live chat, providing 16 hours of coverage in English and Spanish.

Generated over
$8 million in opportunities

This has led to 
$2.25 million of
closed deals

A 5X positive
ROI in CloudTask's services

Michael Baya

Managed Outbound Sales Team | DirecTech Labs - July 2018 - Present

“CloudTask has been an incredible partner. Their team is

constantly learning and implementing new ideas to improve.”
Michel Bayan, CEO

CloudTask sources new high-quality prospects, books qualified sales meetings and closes deals for DirecTech Labs.

Generated $15 million in new

Helped close deals totaling over $2 million in new business

All at a 21X
positive ROI

Jon Nierman

Managed Outbound Sales Team | Nierman - December 2017- Present

“Working with CloudTask has helped us streamline and scale. I highly recommend them if you’re growing your business."
Jon Nierman, Executive Director

CloudTask reactivates Nierman's unconverted leads through a cross-channel sales approach including outbound calls, social selling, live website chat and email.

Booked 122 sales qualified meetings in 10 months

48 of the 122 opportunities,
converted to closed deals

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