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When it comes to social media platforms, LinkedIn is KING for networking - nearly every professional on the planet has a LinkedIn account. This large user base makes it ideal for those looking to attract B2B clients, products and services. 

In this article, we’ll be guiding you through how to grow your network on LinkedIn, as well as sharing some best practices, including what not to do to avoid getting your account blocked.

Start by growing with coworkers and friends

The best and safest way to grow your LinkedIn network is through those you already know. 

A profile that constantly registers multiple outgoing connection requests but barely receives an invitation to connect is very suspicious. That’s why getting friends and co-workers to send you a connection request, instead of sending them one is your best plan of action.

Simply post your LinkedIn profile URL in whatever platform your company uses to communicate internally, kindly ask people to send you a request to connect, and viola! You’ve started building up your professional network.

To make things simpler still, you can customize your profile URL to make your profile easier to find and share. Doing so makes it easy to use in professional materials and documents, and it helps boost your credibility. Amazing, right?



Grow your network fast and safe with LIONs

And no, not the king of the jungle…

A LION or LinkedIn Open Networker is a person who will accept all connection requests. They usually display the LION or Open Networker title somewhere in their profile so make sure to check the name fields, headlines and/or about sections.

You can find them by typing L.I.O.N. AND networker OR open networker in the search bar. Just make sure you are connecting indeed with LION profiles and not just employees at a company with the word ‘lion’ in the title.

We recommend you narrow down the search before sending the invites using filters like locations, industry, and service categories among others, to start building a network in the right market.

Growing the size of your network by connecting with LIONs is something that can help you reach those 500+ connections quickly. That said, we strongly recommend that you grow organically after that. What we mean is that you should aim to build a network that is genuinely interested in the content you will be sharing.

Please note: you don't need to add the LION tag to your profile. This may turn off quality connections making some prospects think that you are all over the place sending invitations. Remember, the goal is to make them feel special. 



Avoid getting red-flagged for pending connection requests

A best practice to avoid getting red-flagged is to visit the Sent invitations page on a weekly basis to clean the pending requests.

Don't erase them too quickly though. It may take more than a day or two for your prospects to check their notifications so it’s best to wait between 2 weeks - 1 month before withdrawing your connection request.



Keeping track of your connections

One of the interesting things about LinkedIn is that it has a connection counter. Once you have more than 500 connections, it just shows “500+ connections” on your profile bio.

If you haven't reached 500+ connections or don't have any contacts in the places where your prospects live, you’re missing out on the power of having connections in common. 

Not only does this limit the number of people you can do business with, but also reduces the chances of a prospect accepting your connection request - people are less likely to accept your invitation if you don’t have a connection in common.

But be warned! Increasing your number of connections is a risky game. Doing so too quickly can be considered suspicious web activity and this is something LinkedIn actively monitors and penalizes for. Abusing the platform usually results in account restriction, suspension or a permanent ban. (more commonly known as “LinkedIn Jail”)

LinkedIn mentions in their user agreements and policies that you should not connect to someone that you do not know. Your account could be restricted after as little as five people clicking ‘I don’t know this person’.

We recommend performing low levels of activities like searching for leads, sending connections requests, sending messages, and posting content on new profiles among others.

The key is to start slow and gradually increase the pace as the account grows. Please note, since we don't have access to LinkedIn's algorithms, this is not an exact science and any numbers we recommend around this will be our best guesstimation.

Good to know; you can get a close idea of how many connections someone has by looking at the amount of followers they have in the Activity section.

Good to know; you can get a close idea of how many connections someone has by looking at the amount of followers they have in the Activity section.

It’s not a precise correlation but it’s pretty close!



In Summary

Though LinkedIn lacks some of the flashiness that other B2C networks have (think Instagram and Tiktok), it is perfect for distributing and consuming professional information for a B2B audience.

It’s also still the best place to grow your professional network. Leads here last much longer than those found on other platforms making it a great place to drive high revenue clients.

What hacks do you use to grow your LinkedIn following?


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