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4 Reasons 24/7 Multilingual Chat Drives B2B Sales

When a prospect is on your website and they have questions about your product or service, they want answers - now. Not 15 minutes from now, and certainly not after waiting a few minutes on hold.  


Maybe they're visiting at 3:00 a.m. Maybe English isn't their first language. But they still want answers.  


To maximize sales, you need to give them the answers they want - when and how they want them.  According to Inc., the stakes couldn't be higher for the success of your business:


"Every business thrives off the positive relationships it creates with its customers… A huge part of that discussion comes down to personalization. The more you can make someone feel like you are there to serve them and all of their specific needs, the more likely they will be to both purchase, stay with and recommend your product"


The Ascendancy (and Power) of 24/7 Chat


One way to provide those answers is with a team of sales and customer service reps, on the phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But that doesn't work for most B2B businesses.  


For one thing, it's expensive. For another, your website visitor would need to take the extra step of leaving their computer to pick up the phone, and they'd probably need to wait on hold until one of your reps was ready to take his call. That's not what prospects want, as study after study demonstrates:


- More than half of prospects say businesses should make themselves available 24/7

- More than 40% of people prefer live chat because it eliminates them being placed on hold

- More than 90% of visitors ‘feel satisfied’ with live chat services

- 44% of customers say the availability of a live chat function is among the most important features a website can offer its customers



Customer Satisfaction


How Can Live Chat Help My B2B Business?


Clearly, the studies indicate people you want to buy your products and services like live chat. That said, there's still the question of the specific ways in which 24/7 multilingual chat can help your business achieve its primary sales and marketing objectives.


Let's begin by acknowledging that your business is unique, and that only you can decide what sales and marketing strategies will best resonate with your clients and leads. That said, most businesses benefit from making live chat available to their customer base.


Here are 4 reasons why:


#1 - Provides Real-Time Time Support


Sure, you could provide a contact number on your website and encourage customers with questions or problems to call that number, but what does that actually mean? For one thing, it means they need to leave what they're doing online, get the phone, make the call, and hope their wait time isn't excessive. That's doable, but is it smart marketing? When's the last time you tried to contact a company by phone with a simple and successful outcome?


Is that the way you want to treat your customers, build trust and increase sales?


Still not convinced? Then think about this: more than two-thirds of customers say the most important thing a business can do is value their time online. Add to this the fact that the one of the most common pain points in B2B sales interactions is lack of speed, and you'll see the importance of providing immediate service to your customers in real time.


Live chat will do that for you in a way few other tools can.


#2 - Offers Great Service Around the Clock


If you have web traffic around the globe and/or clock, you want to be serving those visitors when and where they are. Far too many businesses with the luxury of having prospects visiting their site at all hours, still do not cater for these future clients. What's the result?


Among other things, any customer who tries to use your chat service when they need help (as opposed to when your business is willing to provide it) are going to be disappointed and frustrated - they might even decide to jump ship and run to one of your competitors.


The most effective chat services, for this reason, offer customer and sales support, 24/7.  Remember, the goal of chat isn't to provide sometimes or partial service - it's to give customers and prospects the support they need on their schedules, and in so doing to confirm that your business provides that support better than anyone else.


#3 - Enhances Your Global Marketing


Global Coverage 

If you're selling products and services in other countries, you don't want to limit chat to English.  It just stands to reason: your customers and leads want you to provide them with the most user-friendly experience possible - one of the primary reasons global businesses need to think seriously about including a multilingual capability in the chat they offer.


Think of it this way: imagine yourself as the customer. You're on a website headquartered in another country and want your questions answered. You see the chat icon and click on it, only to discover that the business only provides that support in French, or Italian, or Mandarin.  How would you feel?


Odds are you'd feel as if that business didn't particularly care about you or your business. You might continue to work with them, but you might not. Why take the chance? Offering chat functionality in multiple languages increases your customer base and enhances the effectiveness of your global marketing.


#4 - Drives Sales


Live chat helps your sales team close sales.  


Many prospects who use live chat do so because they're close to making a purchase, but they still have one or two questions with which, if responded to quickly and accurately, might seal the deal.  


A robust live chat service can be just the trigger that addresses those questions and objections, making life a lot easier for a typically overworked sales rep who, freed from providing responses themselves, can now get on to more important business.


In one example of the power of chat for sales, Ipswitch were able to open over $3.6 million of pipeline in 8 months through chat and close more than $600,000 of this. All at a 5.5X ROI.


Take Your Sales and Marketing to Another Level


Live chat, especially when it's multilingual and offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, can take your domestic and global sales and marketing efforts to the next level.  


At the same time, it's always good to get the help and advice of companies that have the knowledge and experience to customize live chat to the unique requirements of your business.


To learn more about ways a managed sales chat and customer support team can help you boost your B2B sales and grow - chat to us now.



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