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6 Reasons to Adopt the Inbound Sales Methodology

An Inbound Sales Strategy is Key for Effective Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing.


You’ve heard the term Inbound being touted as THE marketing and sales strategy of the future but you’re still not clear about what it entails and why it is critical for lead generation. Furthermore,  you’re worried about how much all of this is going to cost and whether it is really worth all the hype.

Here we break down the 6 main reasons that the Inbound methodology is critical to a successful sales strategy


Cuts to the Chase

While Inbound Sales can take some time to show results, it attracts customers more organically which means better quality leads and longer lasting clients. Think of Inbound therefore as the journey of a long, fruitful and honest relationship rather than the sizzle of attraction on the first date.


You draw people in and pull them closer to you with awesome content relevant to their needs rather than chasing down leads with an air of desperation.You educate customers with informative, helpful content long before they’re at the decision stage, and the remaining parts of your sales process will flow smoothly.

After they’ve seen your content spread out through every stage of the buyer’s journey, it’s only logical that they will choose you in due time when they’re ready to buy.


Cuts out the Clutter

Inbound has dramatically improved two factors critical to sales:


- More targeted messaging, which results in better qualified leads i.e. people who are actively searching for solutions and have sought you to help solve their problems/pain points

- Engagement with these potential customers by not hard-selling but rather informing and helping them achieve their goals so they make well thought out buying decisions.


This helps customers cut through all the chaos, confusion and smoke and mirrors that some outbound or legacy marketing tools are often known for. It also helps you to stand out and sets your business apart from the crowd in the cluttered online world.


HubSpot's 2010  State of Inbound Marketing report shows that Inbound dominated organizations save 60% more per lead than outbound dominated organizations!



Cuts out Intrusive Sales Techniques


Outbound sales has also been termed intrusive sales as it distracts busy people who are already overwhelmed with information in our hyperconnected world.


Inbound in contrast, is less intrusive and is more appropriate for modern consumers with short attention spans, who increasingly have to use tools to escape from information overload (think TiVO, skipping over ads, spam filters and call blocking).


Inbound, with its principles of  mapping content aimed at your buyer personas as they travel through their unique buyer journeys gives people the right content in the right place at the right time and hence is the perfect fit.



Cuts Down Access Barriers


Inbound has slayed barriers that many businesses once used as a crutch to justify unimpressive sales. “We don’t have a big ad budget like those big brands do” or “We just don’t have the same visibility and reach that their big billboards get them”, are no longer legitimate excuses.


The internet has democratized the way we can access consumers, ensuring that startups and multinationals alike have the potential to reach their buyer personas effectively.


As long as you’re engaging in a conversation and creating value for those with a problem that your business resolves, you’re just as likely to make the sale as the big name brand that’s spent a fortune on branding and their latest TV commercial.


Targeting and adapting your messaging to appeal to your customers and prospects only requires research and creative thinking rather than a tonne financial resources.


70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated according to Mckinsey


Cuts to the Core


Quality content is critical for increased lead generation and higher conversion rates. Continuously providing useful content builds trust and makes sure you garner a reputation as the thought leader in your industry. Inbound helps organizations focus on what is essential.


It cuts to the core, leaving a no-fluff, all substance, well-respected resource that prospects will continue to engage with and purchase from when the time is right.



Cuts Costs


By dramatically improving the efficiency of your sales strategy and lead generation techniques, inbound sales naturally cuts down on human and financial resources. If you want to adopt Inbound however because you’re hoping to cut your costs, it's important to think of it as a long term sustainable strategy.


While your overall cost per lead will definitely be lower as your sales and marketing strategy will be much more efficient than with any outbound marketing efforts (62% lower in fact!), it takes time to create quality content, build credibility and increase word of mouth, which are  factors that could drive lead generation.


With every new lead you generate, the initial investment results in happy customers who share your content, and your ROI is ultimately increased.