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Are You Ready to Hire a B2B Lead Generation Company? 9 Experts Share Their Advice

Are You Ready to Hire a B2B Lead Generation Company? 9 Experts From B2B Lead Generation Companies Share Their Advice For How To Know If You Are Ready To Launch An Outsourced Sales Campaign

If you are looking to implement an outbound sales strategy for your brand quickly, outsourcing to a B2B lead generation company could be a great way to grow your sales pipeline and accelerate revenue without the employment risks associated with building an in-house team.

But, outsourcing B2B lead generation is not the right choice for every brand.

If outsourcing lead generation has been a topic of conversation in your sales organization, you may be wondering how to determine whether your team is "ready" to outsource sales.

We asked 9 experts from B2B Lead Generation Companies about the #1 checkpoint they would recommend to a company trying to determine its "readiness" for sales outsourcing and compiled their answers for you here in this article so that you can use their advice to make a more informed decision about how ready your brand is to outsource an outbound lead generation campaign.

What is your #1 tip for clients that are trying to figure out if they are ready to launch an Outsourced Sales Campaign (1)

Lead Generation Tips

What To Do Before You Start Talking To Lead Generation Companies

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"Make sure you have a clear strategy for how you want to grow and for the market you are trying to develop. Also to have enough time and resources to dedicate to the project, as the service performs better when you are involved."

Andres Conejo


"Spend most of your time trying to pick the right companies to target. Most outbound campaigns fail because they pick the wrong companies."

Blake Johnston 

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"Understand your conversion rate and cost per lead."

Tom Birch



"Ensure you truly understand your ICP (Ideal Client Profile) and your overall "value-stack" (who you are, what you sell, what value you bring to the market).  Once these two are finalized,  we can set up and run a successful campaign." 

Jeff Courtney

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"Plan a budget that allows for enough time for the program to demonstrate success based on your cold sales cycles. Then align on the goals of the program. With alignment on the goals, shared success is easier."

Ben Goldberg



"Clearly define your ICP before you engage."

Chris Battis
Union Resolute

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"Don't try commission-only. Instead, team up with your chosen outsourced sales agency and collaborate with them towards success!"

Jakob Thusgaard

"Is it possible to build lists of prospects that have a high likelihood of buying from you at some point? If you can't do this it's very difficult to make outbound work. For example, if a prospect has to have another piece of software in place before you can work with them, there are low penetration rates for this software in the market, and there's not an easy way to identify who the current users are; it's difficult to make outbound work. If it's not difficult to build lists and you sell a product that produces more than $15,000 in Gross margin per year - go for it.”

Matt Aird
Sales Science

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