Maryann Thomas

9 Factors for Successful Quality Assurance Program for Your Sales Team

An effective quality assurance program is essential to a sales team that delivers significant results.

Why Employee Productivity is More Important Than Location

Employee productivity and return on investment can be much higher from a remote workforce than on...

8 Chat Support Tips to Increase Customer Satisfaction & Drive Renewals

Here we breakdown how to improve customer satisfaction by providing outstanding chat support.

4 Reasons Sales Leaders Should Care About Live Chat

Which one of these is the surest way to scare away a potential customer?

What Exactly Are Managed Services for Sales Chat?

A managed service could be the right choice if your company is overwhelmed with new business,...

Top Tips for Dealing with Difficult Customers

No matter the size and reputation of your business, no company can achieve a 100% success rate with...

The Best Quality Assurance Practices for Chat Support

In an age where an increasing number of people are living online, companies and brands have rightly...

Customer On-Boarding: Top Tips to Get It Right

Most of us have experienced dissatisfaction with a product or service once we’ve subscribed or...

How to Use Emojis to Enhance Customer Experience

Did you know using an emoji in the subject line of an email increases open rates?

How Facebook Messenger & Chatbots Will Shape the Future of Customer Support

As clients shy away from long bureaucratic practices, chat support rises as the new alternative for...
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