Michael Hanson

11+ Expert Tips for Better Sales Discovery Calls

Discovery. It sounds exciting, right? Learning new things, exploring new strategies – what’s not to love about discovery?  

The 3 Elements of an Effective Customer Success Program

A good customer success professional is, in some ways, like a great server or wonderful restaurant...

6 Ways to Use Buyer Personas to Your Benefit

There’s a famous saying, “You don’t know what you don’t know.” 

Higher Standards: How the Best Companies Prioritize Customer Success

“Why would they leave? They said they were happy.” 

10 Traits of a Great Sales Leader

What’s the difference between a boss and a leader? 

7 Signs It's Time for Outsourced Sales

If you work in sales, the thought of outsourcing some of your sales efforts has probably occurred...

Smarketing, and How to Make it Work in Your Business

You don’t necessarily need a salesperson pounding the pavement and flipping through their Rolodex...

The 8 Secrets to Outbound Calling Success

Wouldn’t it be great if making a sales connection was as easy as following a recipe? You gather...

The Hidden Costs of Recruiting Sales Teams

Sales teams end up recruiting new employees far more often than other areas of business. In fact,...

Defining the Relationship: 10 Success Tips for Training Your Outsourced Sales Team

You may think it’s not your job to train an outside sales team. After all, you’re paying for a team...
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