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How an Outsourced Sales Team Can Smash Your B2B Lead Generation Results

Everything in your company depends on your sales team.


Does that sound dramatic? It might, but it’s true.


Your sales team brings in the clients that you serve. They generate leads, build relationships and close deals; it’s a lot of responsibility.


When you’re providing services that other businesses use, the dollar amount per transaction is usually much larger, which means additional due diligence, and company-wide buy-in may be required on the potential client’s side. You need to make sure your sales team has the knowledge and expertise to generate good-quality B2B leads and to seal the deal with those clients.


An outsourced sales team can take on this weighty burden for you and help you to skyrocket your sales. With an outsourced sales group as a business partner, you’ll be able to ensure you have high-quality leads queued up and potential buyers prepped to hear your message, fall in love with your product and sign on the dotted line.


While outsourced sales teams may use a variety of strategies tailored to your business, here are some of the ways the best outsourced sales teams will increase your B2B lead generation results.



They create content that compels


Some salespeople can sell by emotion. They tug at your heartstrings and get you to make that charitable donation, or they appeal to your environmentally-friendly side to pique your interest in the latest, greatest electric car on the market.


Your outsourced sales team should provide a content writer who will create the templates your team uses throughout the process to make sure you’re selling both emotionally and intelligently. The content they generate will form the basis of your relationship with the potential client, whether it’s the talking points for an outbound call, or the lead-in to some curated content on LinkedIn.



Content that compels-1



When you share a piece of information with a prospective client, it should pique their curiosity, attract their attention and build their trust, creating a foundation for continuing conversation.



They work with you to build a strategy that makes sense


When you’re ready to grow your business fast, it makes sense to want to try everything, to test out different tactics and see what sticks.


With an outsourced sales team, you’re working with knowledgeable sales professionals who can give you insight on what they’ve seen work for B2B lead generation and on what the norms might be for your industry.


When working with an outsourced sales partner, you can develop a plan that fits your business and deploy targeted tactics to fit your current needs. An Account Manager from your outsourced sales team will be your partner from start to finish, leading a team that will craft your campaigns, train your sales chat reps and more.



They identify quality audiences to maximize your sales efficiency


An outsourced sales team can save your team time by creating audiences that have the highest propensity to convert and take action when it comes to your product. Instead of blasting hundreds or thousands of potential clients, your outsourced sales team can help you grow and nurture a group of potential clients that fit your buyer persona.


Your outsourced sales team will provide training for their employees to ensure they understand your product and preferences. At the same time, quality assurance professionals are able to analyze your efforts and determine where additional tweaks could be made to increase conversions or eliminate confusion.



They use innovative avenues to boost your leads


One of the best opportunities to boost leads and turn mildly-interested digital window shoppers into engaged potential customers is through sales chat, sometimes referred to as conversational marketing.



Conversational marketing-3



Sales chat works for you around the clock, because potential buyers aren’t always working on your schedule. And, 51% of consumers have an expectation that you’ll be available anytime they decide they’re ready to research or conduct business.


With sales chat as part of your outsourced team’s arsenal, you’ll have a communication channel available 24-7 to engage with prospects who visit your site. You may choose to employ a chatbot to answer certain questions or cover a round-the-clock sales chat team; either way, dedicating resources to making that initial connection can pay off when it comes to building leads.


Whether you’re in California and they’re in Europe or they’re just a late-night browser and your in-house team has headed home for the evening, with sales chat, you’re meeting people where they are and connecting through the channel they’ve chosen.


As far as B2B lead generation goes, sales chat is effective because it can turn a casual information seeker into a true lead, and give your sales team an opportunity to follow up and share more robust information or schedule a demo.


According to Amir Reiter, CEO of CloudTask, "Chat gives buyers the ability to raise their hand, to tell you who they are and where they are in the sales cycle … It gives them the ability to get what they want now, instead of going through the standard sales process.” Sales chat is the proverbial foot in the door that can open up dialogue and grow your relationship with potential clients.



They build relationships through social selling


LinkedIn gives businesses a place to connect online, and with more than 500 million users, there are plenty of potential buyers on the site who may be receptive to your business pitch.



Social selling-1



Social selling on LinkedIn is one of the most effective lead nurturing tools. In fact, author and marketing expert John Nemo refers to LinkedIn as “the best place on planet Earth to find B2B-related sales and lead-generation prospects.”


While that may sound a bit hyperbolic, this stat does hammer home the effectiveness of LinkedIn as a relationship-building platform: the average LinkedIn message has an open rate of 60%, far higher than the majority of other first-try sales engagement options. And, according to LinkedIn’s State of Sales Report for 2016, 90% of top-performing salespeople use social media as part of their sales strategy.



They prevent the frustration caused by leaky funnels


Sometimes nurturing a lead takes many touches, follow-ups and reminders. When you’re busy trying to grow your business, you may not have extra time available to hold the client’s hand and ensure your product or service remains top of mind.


Because the buying process takes time, and time is a valuable commodity for most business leaders, you may unintentionally let leads go cool or fall by the wayside all together. Then, instead of closing the deal with a potential buyer who is 70% there but just hasn’t yet gotten a vote of confidence from the rest of their corporate team, you have to start all over with filling your sales funnel.  


Your outsourced sales team can help you secure sales by keeping the funnel full and employing team members to do high-quality lead generation. However, they can also help you follow through on leads that have started the process, instead of letting them fall out of your sales flow altogether.


As an example, IT software giant Ipswitch worked with an outsourced team to convert a pool of Marketing Qualified Inquiries. Their team had generated an impressive set of leads but needed additional support from their outsourced sales partners to ensure those leads didn’t slip through the cracks or sit idle while their potential buyers were in the market for a solution.


Through their partnership, the outsourced sales team was able to begin converting leads to appointments and sales, scoring an average of 62 appointments a week and keeping those potential buyers moving forward in the funnel and in their decision-making process.



They nurture connections through email


Even in a world of social connectivity, email is still a highly-relevant channel for building business relationships. More than half (59%) of B2B marketers say email is their most effective channel for generating revenue.


How does email prove to be effective? By targeting potential buyers that fit your buyer persona/client profile, then offering content that’s relevant to their business area.


Businesspeople are typically connected to email in order to communicate within their work ecosystem. When they’re at work accessing their email, they’re tapped in and thinking about the right way to do business.


When your outsourced sales team reaches out through email, they’re doing more than just making an introduction. They’re sharing relevant details and success stories designed to draw your potential buyer in and interest them in taking a next step with your company.


Like a social selling connection, when done well, email can feel personal and get to the point. For example, successful email B2B lead generation may mean including information that relates specifically to your potential buyer’s business or a previous conversation on pain points, then pairing it with research or statistics regarding your product.


Perfect as a complement to outbound calling or sales chat, an email gives you a means to reach out to new potential prospects and advance your connection with your B2B leads or to take a budding relationship to the next level.



They connect through outbound calling


A good outbound call makes a valuable connection and can supercharge your success when it comes to converting sales leads. The immediacy and personality of an outbound call make it an ideal way to build a trust-based relationship with potential buyers.



outsource sales calls



Studies have shown that salespeople who reach out in the first five minutes after receiving an inbound lead are 100 times more likely to qualify the prospect. Often the best and fastest way to make that initial contact is an outbound call.


A call from your sales team can catch the buyer while they’re in research mode, searching for resources and information about your company. And, if they’re already showing interest in your product, a call can be a great opportunity to set up a demo or meeting and give them a chance to review your company/product in earnest.


Like sales chat, trusting your outsourced sales team to make outbound calls can increase the possibility a potential buyer will continue their journey with you. Offering outbound calling following a potential buyer touchpoint provides an immediate connection between the buyer and a representative for your business.


Linking your outbound calling efforts to a trigger, like the download of a white paper or case study, ensures that your outsourced sales team members are reaching out to someone with a demonstrated interest in your product, and with some knowledge of potential discussion topics.


And, outbound calling gives you the opportunity to offer a more “direct and personable way of communicating with leads than emails or social media messages,” engaging in conversation where you can gauge their interest and offer additional resources to get closer to closing the deal, whether that’s a demo, a conversation with a technical person, or additional reading materials.



So what now?


Through a partnership with an outsourced sales team, you can put your B2B lead generation efforts into hyperdrive.


Take advantage of the knowledge and expertise outsourced sales firms can offer, and talk to a CloudTask representative today about helping your business grow and nurture leads into satisfied clients.


What has worked well for you so far with B2B lead generation? Are you thinking of adding outsourced sales to the mix? Share your thoughts in the comments below:




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