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How to Make the Most of Your Conversational Marketing Platform

So you've decided to use the power of live chat on your website and try one of the many conversational marketing companies out there. Congratulations! 


Conversational marketing is one of the most powerful ways to convert website traffic into leads. But how do you make the most of your conversational marketing platform?


Don’t worry, we've got you covered. Read on to find out.



#1 - Hire a dedicated team


It’s hard to have a conversation if there’s no one available on the other end. It makes no sense to have a chat box on your website if no one's responding from your side.


You want to know how to generate more leads from your website? Set up a dedicated team of conversational marketing experts to answer visitor’s questions, learn about their needs, listen to their feedback, and find creative ways to help them.


When you have a dedicated team for conversational marketing, you provide a better experience for your customers, you let them know that you care and want to have a real conversation with them. You gain their trust - and trust is the key to effective marketing.


Set up a strong team focused on engaging prospects, qualifying leads and connecting them to your sales process. This will help you optimize and grow.



#2 - Respond queries within a minute


Depending on your traffic volume, you may only need a one-person team or more people. Just have in mind that response times matter. Research shows there’s a 10X decrease in your chance of making contact with a prospect after a wait time of 5 minutes. For live chat, however, you should respond within a minute before they leave the site.



Making the most of your conversational marketing platform-2



Having a team there to quickly interact with leads, while they’re on your website, can definitely boost your sales. Responding within a minute can make huge difference.



#3 - Be available around the clock


Did you know that more than 50% of prospects in a survey said businesses should make themselves available 24/7?


That may not be feasible for you, of course, as your team might not be available 24/7. However, conversational marketing AI is available in most platforms - you can use chatbots to help qualify leads, collect contact information and answer some questions, and later follow up via phone or email.


Talking about around the clock availability, making the most of your conversational marketing platform also involves offering chat functionality in multiple languages to increase your customer base to non-English speakers.


Your team doesn’t speak Spanish or Mandarin? No hay problema. There are now multilingual chatbots that can understand hundreds of languages and converse in them.


In case you’re worried that chatbots may have a negative effect because of the lack of a human connection, listen to this: 69% of consumers prefer chatbots for quick communication with companies - they don't care if they chat with a human or bot as long as they receive help.


If you want humans 24/7, there are companies offering this service too.



#4 - Be proactive


Website visitors come and go just like the sun and moon each day. Before they leave without interacting with your brand, your chat platform or team can send them an automated message inviting them to chat. That’s called proactive chat.



Generate more leads-1



Mention the problems you want to solve for them.

An awesome feature of many conversational marketing platforms is that you can tailor messages depending on the exact webpage a visitor is viewing - be it the pricing page or a specific product. Take advantage of that and qualify leads in an instant.


#5 - Integrate online chat with your CRM

CRMs these days have some amazing features. When you integrate your CRM to your online chat platform, you can access all previous conversations, across all different channels. The history will be there for everyone on your team to see.

That means you can interact better with returning visitors, learning about their background and where in the buyer’s journey they are. Some conversational marketing platforms will display the visitor’s data (name, email address and social media profiles) and the full history on your chat window. You’ll look smarter and will cause a greater impression, just like that sales person who remembers everyone’s name and family details.

You can use the data in your CRM to improve the chat experience and have an engaging conversation with your prospects. And this is only one of many conversational marketing techniques you can learn!



#6 - Use live chat for support as well

A conversational marketing platform is a tool that can help you grow your sales pipeline, but can also help you do much more.

Many of your web visitors are looking for more than buying. Set up chat boxes on your support pages to answer their questions right away - your customers will love it. In fact, a study revealed that messaging is the preferred channel for customer service in the US and other countries. Makes sense - who likes to be put on hold, anyway?

So use online chat for customer success and support. It will lead to greater satisfaction and retention. Just make sure you follow some essential tips when training your team to use live chat support to satisfy your online customers and effectively deal with their queries.



Winning big with conversational marketing

It is up to you if you want to make the most out of your online chat platform and become one of the many conversational marketing success stories. Just follow the six conversational marketing best practices outlined above and you’ll be in a great place to succeed.



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