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Is Your Business Ready for an Outsourced Sales Team?

The fight for sales talent is at an all-time high, based on the number of businesses and startups seeking top sales leaders to push their product to the forefront of people’s minds. Many businesses, including yours, may be looking for opportunities to grow and advance your sales efforts, but may feel uncertain about how to best build a team given the competitive atmosphere.


If you’re considering growing your sales team, you may want to ask whether a partnership with an outsourced sales group is the right option for your business. Outsourced sales can help you tap into new markets, increase efficiencies and build a strong foundation for the future.



Are you ready to enter a new market?

If you’re contemplating making the jump to a new market, an outsourced sales team can be a great resource to get started. Why?


Leaning on an outsourced team to help you get started in a new market gives you additional insight into the way businesses function and how culture impacts sales processes in other areas. Outsourced sales organizations have team members with knowledge and expertise on how business is conducted in the country or region you’re considering.


By tapping into their knowledge, you can get started more quickly. And, according to Fred Schebesta of, relying on their expertise can also offer additional “insight into [potential] customers’ needs, frustrations and behavior more quickly and more efficiently than an internal sales department starting from scratch.”


Relocating staff members from your home office can have its benefits, including retention of company culture and values. However, when you’re working to get up to speed quickly in a new market, it can be risky and time-consuming to expect your original team members to adapt seamlessly to societal and business norms, and regulatory requirements.



time to outsource your sales-2



It can also be extremely costly to build a local team from scratch, requiring you to spend weeks or months recruiting, hiring and training staff in the new area rather than just hitting the ground running.



Are you ready to create a sales infrastructure that can scale?


When you’re ready to move your business into growth mode, your sales team is the front line group that will help make it happen. However, to push that growth forward quickly, you may need to invest in additional skill sets, which can be expensive.


Outsourced sales teams provide you with knowledgeable and seasoned professionals who can leverage their unique skills on behalf of your business. For example, you might be aware that you need to find new ways to connect with potential buyers and that 78.6% of salespeople who use social media outperform those who don’t.


However, you might not be sure about how to launch strategic social selling efforts. An outsourced team can help you successfully get started and maintain these efforts.


Working with an outsourced firm to build a social selling strategy benefits your business in both the short and long term. Short term, you can begin generating leads and connecting with clients; long term, you’ll be able to test out efforts, determine what’s successful for your business, and train your team to continue deploying those successful tactics in the future.



Are you ready to build an omnichannel strategy?


Omnichannel strategies are a necessary part of growing sales in this technological era. Potential buyers are interested in researching and learning about products on their own, as well as hearing what your business has to say about them.


Buyers in the market for a product or service tend to switch lanes frequently. They choose to research your product in the channel that’s most convenient for them at the moment, whether it’s visiting your website, talking to your sales chat team, sitting down with a business development representative or any number of other research avenues.


According to, a daily online briefing on marketing and digital technology, creating an omnichannel strategy means that you’re able to be there seamlessly whenever potential buyers are searching for information and are able to serve as a trusted advisor in their product research journey.


Using an outsourced sales team can help you ensure that your business is everywhere it needs to be, and that you’re able to create that visibility efficiently. For example, outsourced sales teams can assist clients in implementing strategies and incorporating a wide variety of sales tactics, including outbound calls, sales chat, trained sales representatives, social selling, robust online content, marketing automation and email campaign strategies.



ominchannel sales-1



Working with partners that are well-versed on omnichannel strategies can help you act on your sales instincts, cover more ground and do so with a knowledgeable team behind you.



Are you ready to use your resources more efficiently?


Maintaining a full time, on-staff sales team can be expensive. In addition to paying full-time salaries, which can vary greatly depending on the market, an on-site sales team also comes with hidden costs, like payroll management, office space allocations and more.


And, it comes with one of the largest costs related to sticking with an on-site sales team only: human resources management. Adding even a handful of sales reps to your team can increase your recruiting, retention and management costs exponentially. Estimates show that adding just five sales positions to your team annually can equate to more than 1,110 hours spent on HR-related tasks.


Even one bad internal hire can drag your team down, too. The Society for Human Resource Management estimates the cost of a bad hire at up to $240,000 when you factor in wages, replacement costs, training, and disruptions to team projects and morale.


When you work with an outsourced team, you can cut those expenses down to a fraction of the in-house cost. With outsourced sales professionals on your team, you’re able to benefit from their knowledge and expertise. And, hiring and training is managed by the outsourced sales provider, which means you can take advantage of their services without tremendous detriment in the realms of time and expense.



Are you ready to boost the careers of your current sales team?


Outsourced sales teams don’t have to take the place of internal team members. Instead, you can rely on an outsourced sales team to provide support for your internal team and to free them up for more focused and targeted efforts.


If the common sales adage of “always be closing” is applicable to your business, you can define the partnership with your outsourced sales team to leave closing in the hands of your on-staff professionals.


Outsourced sales team members can assist with lead generation, communicate with prospective buyers through sales chat and begin the lead nurturing process, then transition prospects seamlessly to your in-house team. Your experts can take care of clients who’ve progressed down the sales funnel, provide their specific technical and product expertise, then close the deal.



Are you ready to build an intelligent strategy that leads to more and stronger client relationships?


According to David Ogilvy, a marketing and public relations thought leader considered by many to be the "Father of Advertising," “The longer you stay, the better you get to know the prospect … the more you will be trusted."



intelligent outsourced sales



An account-based strategy unites team members across the sales spectrum to focus on closing the deals that matter the most. This process uses research and multiple channels of engagement to target and connect with prospects, then offers high-value relationship building to close the deal.


Many account-based teams may divide their business efforts into two distinct groups: a group that focuses on pulling in leads through inbound marketing, calls, emails, social selling and sales chat, and a group that focuses on the closing and conversion of potential buyers to loyal and engaged clients.


In a technology-based world where major purchases require more resources and integration (including regulatory due diligence and compatibility with existing software tools), the buying cycle continues to grow longer. For processes as commonplace as buying a vehicle, Bain Insights estimates buyers connect with a brand no less than six times; for business and enterprise purchases, the number of touchpoints and the number of people involved can increase exponentially.


As an example, Ipswitch, an IT software leader, was able to partner with CloudTask to generate a high volume of leads through sales chat, then translate those leads to successful sales. This teamwork led to more than $4.5 million in sales opportunities for the team as they worked together with outsourced sales to create this high-volume, high-velocity success.


If you’re focused on moving your sales team forward, meeting your sales goals and developing successful sales and business partnerships, you may be ready for an outsourced sales team.


If you’re interested in learning more about how outsourced sales can help companies like yours move sales efforts forward, talk to our CloudTask team about how we can help put you on the path to sustained sales growth.


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