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Key Benefits of Marketing & Sales Automation Software

Marketing & Sales Software Helps Track Pipelines, Nurture Leads and Improve Operational Efficiency.


‘Automation’ - a word so overused that it causes shrewd businessman to wonder what is being peddled under the guise of all that automating. Furthermore, companies that adopt it with the hope that it is the magic pill to solve all of their problems are often disappointed and disillusioned.

The trouble usually is that automation is employed without checking:

  1. i) If it’s actually necessary - companies that  jump on the ‘everyone’s automating’ bandwagon
  2. ii) If the solution is the right fit - the any kind of automation will do attitude

iii) If proper training and monitoring is in place to ensure its implementation is a sustainable success - automation for the sake of automation reasoning.

There’s only one reason to get on board with automation and that is because ‘it works’ and works for you in the way you specifically need it to. With automated software that is ‘just right’ for you, the benefits can be innumerable. Here’s a taste of some of the key benefits you could reap:


#1 Time and Money Saved


This is the first and most obvious advantage of automating repetitive tasks and processes. It is what convinces even the most tight-fisted department head to approve automation budget requests. The fundamental principles that made Ford’s assembly line the revolutionary breakthrough that it was are multiplied many times over with cloud software. From trigger events and call queueing to email campaign sequencing and periodic report generation, putting in place the right automation ensures dramatic improvements in productivity, efficiency and error reduction.


Business Data Research suggests that on average a sales rep spends close to 50% of his time on administrative tasks – scheduling sales appointments; following-up with leads through emails, tracking contacts and updating sale opportunities.


#2 Ease and Efficiency


Having all your top KPIs together on a single dashboard, and all your tasks and customer interactions organized on one platform allows you to easily share information with your board, management team and other departments. What Gantt diagrams did for project sequencing, automation does for accountability and awareness by ensuring efficiency, processes and timeframes that are repeatable.


One of the biggest roadblocks to efficient sales today is the “where did I leave that file” problem. Sales reps spend between 6.5 and 8.8 hours per week searching for relevant information.


You should be aware however that what can put a wrench in a newly adopted system is the fact that it doesn’t integrate well with other tools and softwares that are already in place. CRM tools that help you stay on top of your sales pipeline for instance, need to work seamlessly with other platforms and interfaces rather than requiring your team to keep switching between them to try to make sense of it all.


#3 Targeted Lead Generation


In-depth analytics arm your team with high quality information that enables them to build rapport and effectively close deals with prospects. Having access to each and every interaction with a potential buyer, in addition to when and where they are engaging with your content, website and product helps you determine what messages will appeal to your core buyer personas and the optimum channels to reach them. Furthermore, being able to time when your emails are sent out helps you target different time zones and locations.


79% of marketing leads never convert into sales. Lack of lead nurturing is the common cause of this poor performance. - Hubspot


#4 Feedback and Forecasting


This tracking does not stop short with just sophisticated data analytics but is also what fuels your feedback loops and forecasting. If 40 mins is what it takes one sales rep to successfully nurture a lead further down the funnel then this information helps you better budget your team’s time and human resources to orchestrate the best results. Feedback is easy when planning is hassle free and everything is recorded, tracked and analyzed. From open, click and conversion rates to which messages and platforms have the best engagement, you’re always equipped to take informed decisions and make more secure investments with your limited resources.


#5 Consistency and Quality


Why worry if each member of your sales team has their own unique lead nurturing style and technique? Enlisting systemic automation creates consistency and is a built in quality assurance mechanism so that every sales rockstar has some guidelines and key parameters to follow. This gives them autonomy while still ensuring they stay aligned with the overarching goals of your business. Automated systems act like manuals that help people work together, and with features like call recording, video demos, email templates, inbound training, phone call simulations and online exams, consistency is guaranteed through quality training.


#6 Smarketing Integration


Just how critical an integrated platform is that synchronizes sales and marketing cannot be stressed enough. It ensures access to customer information from each stage of their lifecycle in a centralized platform for both marketing and sales qualified leads ensuring that your teams are better set up for success. In addition, knowing what kind of messaging has worked for marketing leads gives your sales team members an edge and valuable information to help them see these through to closing.


Companies with good smarketing practices in place generate 208% more revenue from marketing efforts.  - Marketing Profs


When sales and marketing teams work together, companies see 36% higher customer retention and 38% higher sales win rates.  - Marketing Profs


#7 Big Picture Perspective


Too much information from marketing can overwhelm your sales team when they don’t have the capability to filter those down. Too little information could lead to frustrating clients by duplicating efforts and reaching out to them multiple times for the same thing. Having information about every touch point and interaction with a customer is important but what’s more invaluable is a tool that gives you a bird’s eye view of the bigger picture to put it all in context so you have your sales team pursuing warm leads that are ‘just right’.


Automated Software = More Efficient Processes & More Effective Strategy


For small businesses with less manpower, automation gives them the ability to do more with less. For larger organizations, sales and marketing software allows them to standardize processes across teams as they scale. Whichever way you slice it though, It’s pretty clear that sales and marketing automation, when done right, is the ticket. The trick of course, lies in doing it right.



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