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Medellin, Colombia - The Perfect Place to Live and Grow Your Career

In the past few years, the city of Medellin, Colombia has been put on the map for international travel. Whether it’s due to the city’s natural beauty, perfect weather or it’s tech hub status. One can’t deny the growing popularity of the city.

CloudTask is just one of the many organizations that has moved it’s operations down to the city of eternal spring. But talk is cheap, we want to show you why so many have opened up offices down here and why you’ll want to as well.

Here are 7 reasons why you will want to join them:


#1 - Great Quality of Life

Recently, Medellín was ranked as one of the best cities to live, and regularly features in awards for quality of life. This is in recognition of it’s solid infrastructure, thriving restaurant and bar scene, outdoor lifestyle, perfect year round climate, and not to forget the warmth and friendliness of the Paisas (local people), amongst so much more.

Just walking through the lively streets of Parque Lleras and Provenza during the day will have you see what’s to come in the evening. Parque Lleras is the city’s most popular nightlife section and home to the best restaurants and bars. The city has evolved drastically in the past 5 years and in the neighborhood of El Poblado you’ll find an eclectic mix of old and new architecture.

On top of this, it’s now considered one of the safest places to visit. It gets a bad rep due to it’s he-who-must-not-be-named past but thanks to social projects, the city has really cleaned up.


#2 - Low Cost of Living

The cost of living in Medellín is much lower than in North America and Western Europe. Comparing Medellín to New York for example:

- Consumer prices are 70% lower
- Rent prices are 90% lower
- Restaurant prices are 78% lower

Use this calculator to compare it to other cities across the globe.

The most expensive thing down here will likely be the flight but even then, at 3 hours away from Miami, it’s a bargain. In 2020, for a 2 bedroom in El Poblado expect to pay about $700 Usd (possibly less). This is an apartment with a view in the city’s safest sector.


#3 - Ideal Strategic Location

Medellín is a strategic entry point for the Latin American market, close to the United States, with daily and direct flights to cities such as Panama, Miami, Quito, Lima, Madrid, New York, and many others.

It’s also on the same time zone as the East Coast for 6 months of the year and Chicago for the other 6 months.

The distance from the US and low costs makes it a fan favorite for business travel.


#4 - First Class Infrastructure

The city has strongly invested in social urbanism, promoting public policies to support innovative mass transportation systems that include 2 metros, 5 cable car systems, a tram and more.

In addition, the city has some of the best hospitals in Latin America. So even if you don’t have a local healthcare plan, expect inexpensive medical procedures done. Dentist work is a quarter of the price of what you’d expect to pay in the states.

You can also find reliable internet and stable electricity, which all allow you to enjoy a first world environment, at moderate prices.

There are also taxis and Ubers available across the city at any time of the day.


#5 - Leading Digital City

Organizations that promote innovation and entrepreneurship such as Ruta N have helped to incubate and accelerate digital businesses, and a number of initiatives are in place to foster technology, education and innovation which have seen a rapid rise in investment.

To highlight this, in 2013, Medellín was ranked as the most innovative city in the world by The Wall Street Journal, competing against Tel Aviv and New York.


#6 - People are Fantastic


This might not be a big factor that will ensure you fly down in the coming weeks, but it can be a deal breaker. Medellin locals are known as ‘paisas’ and they’re known to be among the friendliest, most hard-working people in Colombia.

They love foreigners and will surely go that extra mile to ensure you have everything you need and are comfortable here.

#7 – Coworking Spaces

Being the tech hub, it is, Medellin is no stranger to dozens of co-working buildings and offices. With 3 We-Work buildings and a few other co working units you’ll have access to the best technology at the lowest prices.

In the El Poblado neighborhood alone there’s a really cool Hostel by the name of Selina. It’s a great coworking hostel with great internet and a fantastic place to meet young entrepreneurs such as yourself.


Bonus Track – Don’t take our word for it

The city also isn’t as small as you’d think. Just the drive down from the Jose Maria Cordova airport will have you see that it’s sad what we take in from movies and the news. That Medellin is a bustling city of over 3 million people. It’s surrounding towns like Guatape and Jardin are spectacular.
On your days off, be sure to rent a motorcycle and explore surrounding towns, become immersed in the culture and see the real Colombia.

The late Anthony Bourdain visited Medellin many times and had this to say, “It’s ludicrous this place exists and not everyone wants to live here”.


What Are You Waiting For?

We know Medellin has a dark past but we’ll tell you what we’ve told just about everyone, this was almost 30 years ago. The city has undergone a massive change and its once scary Comuna 13 neighborhood is now a beacon of hope for marginalized neighborhoods all over Latin America.

With all this in mind, why are you waiting to make Medellín and CloudTask your next career move?

We have people working for us from across Colombia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Nicaragua and Venezuela.