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The Power of Proactive Outreach to Generate B2B Sales Leads


When it comes to sales, you need to always be on, and always be ready to connect and turn contacts into prospects, leads and deals. Balancing that responsibility with your other roles as an ambassador for your company can be exhausting.


That’s where an external sales team can come in.


As a partner in your sales success, the external team has various means and resources at the ready to step in and assist you with your growth. Like that best friend who’s not afraid to sing your praises, your external sales team can use their resources to bridge the gap between you and your B2B sales leads.


You might even call them your invisible wingman, ready to make those connections for you, then step back and allow you to win the day. Here’s how they do it:


They make that connection


Remember in middle school when you had a crush on someone? Your friend was there to ask that fateful question you were just too shy to put out there on your own, sidling up to the object of your devotion and asking, “So, what do you think about Kate? Do you like her?”


Your external sales team can do the same for you, taking that first step in the business version of a love connection – and taking it in a timely manner.






When customers are in the market for your product, they aren’t just shopping for you. They’re probably researching several of your competitors at the same time.


They’ve indicated their interest by browsing your website, downloading a case study, or conversing with a chat rep. The ball’s in your court at that point, and it’s up to you to make sure they get the answers they’re looking for so they can move forward with you in the buying process.


Having someone available on your in-house staff to make sales calls at a moment’s notice can be a lot to take on. Internal staff members typically wear multiple hats, and they may not be able to pick up the phone at a moment’s notice.


If you wait more than a few moments, though, the opportunity is lost. According to research by Dr. James Oldroyd, an expert on call management and business strategy, when a prospect has indicated interest, a call back in five minutes is 21 times more effective than a call back in 20 minutes. Other research found that prospects receiving a call within one minute of their initial inquiry were 391% more likely to convert.


Response time is crucial to success.


They’re there for you - day and night


Think of your outbound sales team as that friend you can text anytime, for any reason.


- Had a great day? You text that friend.

- Had a horrible day? You text that friend.

- Need to share a funny meme? Yes, you probably still text that same friend.


You probably adore that particular friend because you know they’ll be there for you whenever you message. You can ask them anything, and they’ll do their best to find you an answer or to respond with empathy.


When it comes to proactively connecting with your B2B leads, that best friend is your outsourced team and Sales Chat.


Sales Chat allows you to connect with users at any time, through a staff member or through a chatbot. By focusing the chat conversation on information related to their browsing history on your site, a highly-relevant conversation can be generated, and you can begin to get an idea of the potential buyer’s pain points and frustrations.


You can move them forward to another member of your sales team to continue the conversation if their responses indicate they are a good prospect.


They show how important it is to be social


There’s always one friend in the group who serves as the organizer. That friend puts together the group outings, makes the dinner reservations, and tags you in the post-event social media updates.  


Your social butterfly friend understands that those connections – online and in-person – mean something. They come in handy when you meet a new person at a party or event, then surreptitiously check to see whether you have mutual friends online.



Social butterfly



When you see those connections, it’s likely to tell you a little about the character of the person you’ve met; you may rank them higher in your esteem if they're connected with people you like and respect.


In the same way, social connections play a role in the sales world, and your external sales team can proactively leverage online connections on your behalf. They’ll build relationships via business networks like LinkedIn, curating and sharing valuable content, and grow a network of leads and partners.


Almost three-fourths of business decision makers prefer to work with a salesperson they have a connection with, and mentioning a shared LinkedIn group to a prospect makes you 70% more likely to secure a sales appointment.


They take a big-picture approach


Your outbound sales team can support you by using an account based strategy to bring in leads that matter and are likely to convert.


By using this method, your external sales team ensures the leads pursued are high-quality and high-value. Rather than casting a wide net, then pruning out less-serious inquiries, this strategy focuses on using data and research to guide your efforts with a targeted group of potential buyers.


Approaching a list of specific clients with highly-personalized conversations can increase your success rate and your business success exponentially; in fact, research shows that “account based marketing delivers the highest return on investment of any B2B marketing strategy or tactic.”



B2B Sales Leads-1



Think of your external sales team as the friend who’s willing to help you shop for a new outfit.


A good friend helps you walk through a million options at the local mall. A great friend starts brainstorming with you in advance, knows which colors flatter you and which ones you can’t stand, and maybe even starts a Pinterest board with options that they’ve personalized because they just know you so well.


Rather than doing piecemeal efforts to land some of these accounts, working with your external sales team gives you a better holistic view of the customer. Your team will use data to identify the best potential prospects, work with a content specialist to create messaging that is personal and relevant, and then continue to move the best leads through the sales funnel.


You’ll win in the end


While these efforts may sound time-intensive, they’re worth it. Two-thirds of buyers will accept an invitation to meet or connect when your sales pitch is customized to their situation; it shows that you’re focused on providing value and building a relationship, not just making a quick sale.


If you’re considering working with an outbound sales team, you may wonder if your return on investment is worth the time you’ll spend on setting up the relationship.


Think of your external sales team relationship the way you would any true partnership or friendship: when you invest in the relationship, you’ll reap the benefits. Working with a proactive, strategic team ensures you’ll be able to connect with prospects, build your B2B leads and grow your overall success, all with a team you can trust.



Building relationships, whether friendships or business partnerships, is all about providing value to each other. Where do you see the most opportunity for an external sales team to create value for your business? Feel free to share your thoughts:


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