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How to Increase Your Net Promoter Score

You see this question after everything from your morning coffee purchase, to the quarterly meeting with one of your biggest software vendors. 

6 Strategies to Improve Customer Experience

“Much of a muchness.”

How to Increase Customer Satisfaction: 8 Lessons from 8 SaaS Companies

Too many companies are prone to popping champagne and celebrating exciting new deals that come in....

Could Your Company Benefit from Outsourced Customer Success?

You've likely heard of the Golden Rule, but probably not in the context of business.

Higher Standards: How the Best Companies Prioritize Customer Success

“Why would they leave? They said they were happy.” 

How Effective Is Your Company's Renewal Strategy?

“It’s cheaper to keep an old client than find a new one.”

5 Strategies to Reduce Churn in SaaS

It’s safe to say that when you spend time, money, and resources to secure a customer, you want to...

9 Customer Service Metrics You Should Be Tracking

Remember those good old days when it was easy to know you did well because you earned a gold star...

The Hidden Costs of a Customer Service Team

Hidden costs are like the fine print in a legal document - they're not in plain sight but they will...

Customer On-Boarding: Top Tips to Get It Right

Most of us have experienced dissatisfaction with a product or service once we’ve subscribed or...
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