sales qualified leads


  • icon-check-greenThey had grown a lot in the Latin American market but had not penetrated the US where they only had one key client.
  • icon-check-greenAsylum’s strength and reputation is still centered around traditional marketing such as native advertising, despite the fact they are a digital marketing agency.
  • icon-check-greenAlthough lead generation was a strength as would be expected from a marketing agency, their weakness was setting up appointments, and turning marketing qualified leads in the awareness stage to sales qualified leads in the consideration stage.
outbound calls


  • icon-check-greenAligned sales and marketing through a mixed approach of emails and outbound calls to people that engaged with content.
  • icon-check-greenContent such as blogs and videos attached to emails helped position Asylum as a digital marketing expert in the awareness stage.
  • icon-check-greenAfter making prospects aware of Asylum through emails, the calls from the Business Development Representative helped nurture leads and push them further down the funnel to the consideration and decision stage.
  • icon-check-greenA CEO to CEO campaign centred around the urgency of determining a marketing strategy for 2018 early on in Q4 to stay ahead of competitors.
b2b sales managed service


  • icon-check-green13 appointments in one week from the CEO-CEO campaign email.
  • icon-check-green23 appointments in one month, the majority of which were for the US market, which they were targeting.
  • icon-check-green5 warm opportunities for the US market that entered the deal stage after seeing a demo.


business development associate


Business Development
Associate (BDA)

Lead research

Business Development Associate


Business Development
Representative (BDR)

Reached out to prospects via phone
and email

b2b sales managed service



Strategic planning and continuous

sales qualified leads



Helped draft the CEO-CEO
email campaign

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