DirecTech Labs Adds $15.5 Million to Their Pipeline & Closes Over $2 Million in New Business Thanks to CloudTask


DirecTech Labs is an AI and behavioral science company that helps direct selling and gig economy companies create hyper-personalized communications and experiences for their reps and customers.

Their Challenges:

1 Case study: DirecTech Labs wanted to book more sales appointments

DirecTech Labs wanted to book more sales appointments and grow their revenue from large enterprise companies.

2 Case study: DirecTech Labs wanted to add more bandwidth to sales team

They wanted to add more
bandwidth to their sales team.


As a result they turned to CloudTask, who specialize in helping companies increase their revenue, at a lower cost than an in-house team.

CloudTask Solutions:

Case study: DirecTech Labs sourced new leads

Sourced new leads for DirecTech Labs and grew their database of contacts for their target market.

Case study: DirecTech Labs omnichannel approach

Reached out to new and existing leads through an omnichannel approach of email, outbound calls and social selling.

Case study: DirecTech Labs booked sales appointments

Booked sales appointments, designed pitches, were present in demos and acted as the main point of contact.

Case study: DirecTech Labs more managed deals and contracts

Managed all deals and contracts to move them down the pipeline towards close.

The CloudTask Managed Team included:

Enterprise Sales Representative






Results after 12 months:


Case study: DirecTech Labs $15.5 million in new pipeline

Generated $15.5 million
in new pipeline

Case study: DirecTech Labs $2.1 million in new business

Helped close deals totaling over $2.1 million in new business

Case study: DirecTech Labs 21x ROI

A 21X positive ROI
on their overall spend


Case study: DirecTech Labs achieved 153% appointment quota

Achieved 153% of our
appointment quota

Michel Bayan

Michel Bayan

CEO, DirecTech Labs

“CloudTask has been an incredible partner. Their whole team is constantly learning and implementing new ideas to improve. We’re looking forward to even more success in future.”

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