Retail Application Increases Customer Satisfaction from 86% to 94% in 7 Weeks Thanks to CloudTask


GoDataFeed is a powerful app for online retailers to help promote their products across Amazon, Google, Walmart and 200+ other channels.

Their challenges:

1 Case study: GoDataFeed wanted to increase CSAT score

GoDataFeed were struggling to increase their customer satisfaction (CSAT) score.

2 Case study: GoDataFeed reduce costs and scale

They wanted to reduce the costs of their current support operation with a scalable model, whilst maintaining quality.

3 Case study: GoDataFeed couldn't find local talent

They were struggling to find top talent locally.


As a result, they turned to CloudTask, who specialize in helping to increase customer satisfaction and retention, at a lower cost than an in-house team.

The CloudTask Support Team:

Case study: GoDataFeed trained team of specialists

Trained a team of support specialists to handle all incoming queries in a fast and efficient manner through calls, email, social and chat.

Case study: GoDataFeed monitored all procedures

Documented and monitored all procedures to ensure new recruits could be quickly on-boarded.

Case study: GoDataFeed identified areas of improvement

Identified areas of improvement and ensured KPIs were met.

The CloudTask Managed Support
Team Included:

6 X Customer Support Specialists

Quality Assurance Analyst





CSAT 86% to 94%

Increased customer satisfaction score (CSAT) from 86% to 94% within 7 weeks

Reduced average response time

            Reduced avg response             time from 6.7 to 1.8

Reduced total cost by 45%

Reduced their total cost per rep by 45%

Scaled to 6 reps

Scaled to 6 reps due to the results produced


Kieron Zabow

As Kieron Zabow, CEO & Founder of GoDataFeed puts it,

“Through CloudTask’s Customer Support Services we were able to greatly increase the quality of our support, whilst at the same time scaling quickly and at a lower cost.”

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