Global Software Powerhouse Successfully Handles 2,963 Chat Support Queries Thanks to CloudTask


Software giant, Ipswitch, successfully handled thousands of chat support tickets using CloudTask’s Chat Services.

Their challenges:

1 Case Study: Ipswitch no live chat channel

Ipswitch had no live
chat channel for their
customers who regularly
visited their website.

2 Case Study: Ipswitch thousands of website visits

This was despite the fact that
they had hundreds of thou-
sands of website visits a
month, many of which were
from current customers.

3 Case Study: Ipswitch wanted to respond to customers instantly

They wanted to respond to
their customer needs
instantly on their website,
but knew it would take time
and money to hire an
internal team.


As a result they turned to CloudTask, who specialize in using live chat to increase customer satisfaction, all at a lower cost than an in-house team.

CloudTask Solutions:

Case Study: Ipswitch customer support chats

The CloudTask team are on hand to answer incoming customer support chats.

Case Study: Ipswitch English and Spanish

This involves working across a 16 hour shift in both English and Spanish.

Case Study: Ipswitch training resources

They developed a host of training resources to ensure client satisfaction.

The CloudTask Chat Team included:

Chat Support







Case Study: Ipswitch 2,963 support chats

The CloudTask team successfully handled 2,963 support chats in 8 months.

Case Study: Ipswitch increased customer satisfaction

Increased customer satisfaction by providing an additional support channel where customers could have their queries answered in real time, in their native language.

Case Study: Ipswitch increased customer retention

Chat is now a key part of Ipswitch’s omnichannel support program, which is a factor in increasing Ipswitch customer retention.

Alex Fisher

Alex Fisher

Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Ipswitch

“The CloudTask chat team opened our eyes to an additional technical support channel that has allowed us to satisfy customers by responding to their questions in real time on our website.”

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