Top Medical Billing Organization Books 122 Qualified Appointments in 10 Months Thanks to CloudTask


Nierman is a leader for software, education, and medical billing solutions. Using CloudTask's Sales Services, they booked an additional 122 qualified sales appointments.

Their challenges:

1 Case study: Nierman looking to generate more qualified sales appointments

Nierman were looking to generate a higher number of qualified sales appointments.

2 Cast study: Nierman weren't following-up leads generated

They weren’t effectively following-up on a database of warm leads they had generated.

3 Case study: Nierman wanted to increase incoming call answer rate

They were looking to increase their incoming call answer rate to 100%.

4 Case study: Nierman wanted to handle all customer su

They wanted to handle all their customer support queries the same day.


As a result they turned to CloudTask, who specialize in helping companies increase their revenue and customer satisfaction, at a lower cost than an in-house team.

The CloudTask Team:

Case study: Nierman restructure sales & customer support

Helped restructure Nierman’s Sales and Customer Support departments.

Case study: Nierman omnichannel approach

Followed-up on all their leads through an omnichannel approach including outbound calls, social selling and email.

Case study: Nierman introduce sales chat

Introduced sales chat to their website and handled all incoming queries to turn their web traffic into customers.

Case study: Nierman client success

Were on hand to deal with all Nierman’s support queries and proactively reach out to current clients to ensure success.

The CloudTask Managed
Team Included:

Business Development Representative

Quality Assurance Analyst

Customer Success Representative

Corporate Trainer




122 qualfied sales

Scheduled 122 qualified sales meetings in 10 months

48 closed deals

Of these 122 opportunities, 48 led to closed deals

256 support tickets handled

Positively handled over 256 customer support tickets

Jon Nierman

Jon Nierman

Executive Director, Nierman Practice Management

“Working with CloudTask has helped us streamline and scale. The team we work with, and the tools and systems they recommended, have become integral. I highly recommend CloudTask if you’re scaling your business.”

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