IRI Increased Client Retention Rates by 20% Thanks to CloudTask

IRI is a leader in data management software. Thanks to their work with CloudTask they were able to improve their customer satisfaction score, their client retention and their net promoter score.


Entering 2016:


IRI found hiring on site support staff in the States expensive.


They wanted to outsource but they had done before and were not satisfied with the results.


Their annual client retention rates were not as high as they would have liked.

As a result they turned to CloudTask, who help companies increase their customer satisfaction and retention at a lower cost than an in-house team.

CloudTask Solutions:

Trained and quickly on-boarded a team of support reps to handle client queries.

A Customer Success Manager (CSM) followed up with recently acquired clients or customers who were not actively using their software to its full capacity.

Used CRM data to identify common pain points and reported these so they could be addressed in the company’s strategy.

The CloudTask Managed Team Included:

Customer Success Manager

1 Customer Success Manager

Account Manager

1 Account Manager

Customer Support Reps

4 Customer Support Reps

Quality Assurance Coach

1 Quality Assurance Coach


Increased average Net Promoter Score by 0.8 points within 6 months

Increased average Net Promoter Score by 0.8 points within 6 months.


Increased annual client retention rates by 10% and retention rates of new customers by 20%.

Session times on IRI software improved by 2 minutes

Session times on IRI software improved by 2 minutes.

David Friendland

David Friendland


“The CloudTask team quickly got up to speed with our software. They were able to transfer this knowledge effectively to our clients, and we saw much higher usage rates and an NPS score.”

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