What Is Customer
Service Outsourcing?

Customer service outsourcing involves hiring an external team to run your customer support operations. The goal is to increase the satisfaction of your existing customers, using a variety of customer support solutions and channels including phone outreach, social, email, messaging apps and chat, to interact with your clients and ensure all their queries are dealt with quickly and effectively.

What Is Customer Service Outsourcing

Why outsource customer service?

Many organizations outsource customer service because an outside team can do it more efficiently or because they don’t have the budget to do it in-house. Other reasons to outsource customer support are:

A business has seasonal cycles when more support is needed, such as Christmas, and an outsourced team may give them the ability to scale up or down quickly.

A startup short on staff finds it more cost-effective to work with an experienced team of customer support professionals from the start.

A growing company must expand support coverage to weekends or even 24/7 and require a customer service company to fill the gaps.

International expansion requires multilingual customer service reps that are not available locally.

How to choose an
outsourcing company?

You should interview multiple service providers to find the best fit to your customer service needs.


If you have clients around the world, work with a multilingual 24/7 customer service team

Find the best customer service reps with the right skills for your requirements

Hire a partner that knows how to deal with difficult customers

Choose a company that has the capacity to handle high-volume queries

Pick a provider with an omnichannel approach (calls, chat, email, social, SMS)

Outsource only with a customer service company that has proven results

Don’t rely only on costs - cheap is not always best. Quality comes first


Customer service is essential to the success of your business because happy clients cause less problems, stay with you for longer and recommend your business to others.

It’s a known fact that it costs way more to close new clients than to retain existing ones. So, only outsource with the best.

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