How Can You Utilize Drift
to Generate and Nurture Leads?


Drift is a conversational sales and marketing chat tool that will reduce your bounce rate and convert your website visitors into warm leads interested in your product or service. No-forms, no email - just real time service where your prospects are.


B2B Lead Generation Live on Your Website

  • As the effectiveness of traditional lead generation methods decline and the internet becomes ever more crowded, live interactive sales chat is the new way to convert traffic into engaged leads.
  • Through Drift you can see if someone is browsing your site, what page they are looking at and for how long. From there you can reach out to the visitor with custom messaging to engage them based on their searches, when before they may have just left your site.
  • It’s also 24/7, whether a human is there or not, as you can setup a chatbot up to ask questions and engage visitors at all times. Hey, the bot can even book an appointment straight to your calendar. Crucially it’s unobtrusive unlike the pop-ups of old. You can see this for yourself in the bottom right.

Managed Services

  • Drift is most effective when the appropriate resources are used to make the most of it. In addition to a Chat Representative to reach out to prospects, a managed service provider will have an Account Manager to monitor overall performance, a Corporate Trainer to carry out chat role plays with reps, a Quality Assurance Analyst to monitor language, and a Content Writer to draft chat templates.

Lead Nurturing and Qualification

  • When playbooks are drafted effectively the bot is able to actively encourage visitors to engage with your site, as useful questions and content are provided that appeal to their needs and pain points. Not only this but qualifying questions can also be asked to demonstrate your expertise and ensure that when a rep joins the conversation, the visitor is a lead that fits the type of customer you want to attract.
  • When the rep steps in, they are trained to establish rapport and build on the interactions that have already taken place, in order to provide the information they want to receive or simply booking a follow-up appointment there and then.
  • Furthemore, Drift automatically integrates with all major CRM’s so the entire transcript of the chat as well as any crucial information gathered, from the lead’s biggest pain point to their contact details, are automatically logged in the system. When it comes to reaching out again, you are immediately able to take off from where you finished, and provide all the information necessary to help convert the lead in to a customer.

Quality Assurance (QA)

  • Drift has several functions which Quality Assurance Specialists can take advantage of. Firstly all conversations are recorded, which QA Managers can then check for grammar, formality, and to make sure the right things were being said, at the right time.
  • QA teams can then analyze what’s working and optimize it, and look at what doesn’t work and improve it. Experienced account management teams ensure these plans are executed and successful.

Sales Playbooks

  • Each managed team has a Content Writer who works closely with sales to draft playbook templates that help chat representatives effectively handle objections, generate leads and nurture prospects on their journey to becoming customers.

Monitor Performance

  • Drift allows you to monitor the number of Conversation Qualified Leads (CQLs), which are visitors who engage with you, meet your criteria and provide key information (e.g. email and/or phone number). You can integrate Drift into your CRM to monitor the percentage of CQLs to Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs), and CRLs to customers.
  • Managed service providers will establish target KPIs with a client before kicking off a campaign, so they are accountable for their results and performance.

Our success speaks volumes

  • For Ipswitch, in Q1 2018, we opened up almost $500,000 of new opportunities through live sales chat alone, which was one of the key reasons for us being selected as one of Drift’s first 10 partners.

And much more

  • We understand where Drift works best and where to exclude it, how to proactively reach out to people browsing your website, when the time is right to share content or close an appointment, and much more.

Nurture and Generate B2B Sales Leads Using Drift


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