How Do Managed B2B Sales Teams
Utilize HubSpot to Grow Your Pipeline?


HubSpot, when implemented and used correctly, gives you everything you need for success, from the ability to easily upload, manage and view key contact and company information, to simple dashboards for monitoring your KPIs and results.

In order to generate maximum value from HubSpot, you need to set it up in the right way for your business and have a trained team in place to produce results.


Managed Service Teams are Highly
Trained in HubSpot and B2B Sales

All members of managed B2B sales teams are certified in HubSpot’s inbound sales, inbound marketing and sales enablement courses, which provide them with the knowledge to use a combination of outbound calls, social selling and emails for lead nurturing purposes.

From the get go your sales specialist will be able to take advantage of every aspect of HubSpot to ensure sales success, and have the additional skills necessary to reach and exceed KPIs.


Quality Assurance (QA)

HubSpot has several functions which Quality Assurance Specialists can take advantage of.

All calls can be recorded which QA Managers then listen to, in order to monitor tone, probing and qualifying questions, and more. Furthemore, all emails are tracked, so grammar and structure can be checked.

QA teams then analyze what’s working and optimize it, and look at what doesn’t work and improve it. We have an experienced account management team to ensure these plans are executed and successful.


Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing are aligned in HubSpot and a team is in place to ensure every aspect of this alignment is set-up to your needs.

As a result, sales can be notified when MQLs are generated, marketing can see if warm leads are being followed up with by sales, and any area you want to monitor can be tracked. There will be much greater accountability and understanding between the two teams which is essential when highly aligned sales and marketing teams achieve 32% higher year on year growth.

Furthermore, at weekly sales and marketing alignment check-ins, you can see everything on 1 or 2 dashboards, so KPIs are are understood, areas of opportunity are capitalized upon, and weaknesses can be addressed.


Monitor KPIs to Track and
Measure Performance

HubSpot enables you to track, report and analyze everything you want to see. We set the system up to show you all the key information you want to see, in an easy to view dashboard. You can track any KPI you measure. For example, you could analyze the % of Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) that convert to Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs), and then the % of SQLs that convert to customers.

Not only does this allow you to track a team or organization’s performance, but you’re also able to track the performance of each individual person. You can see who’s sending the most emails, making the most calls, setting up the most qualified leads or closing the highest number of deals.


The Buyer’s Journey

Using the HubSpot Marketing and Sales CRM in harmony allows you to track every step of the buyer’s journey from the first time they visit your website and browse a couple of pages, to when they are sent a final email with a contract to sign.

Once a lead is in your system, you will see every time they view a web page, if they download a piece of content, how long they view the content for, and how many times they open an email or click on a link. This allows managed service teams to gauge the interest of a buyer in a product or service and choose the right time to reach out.


Focus on qualified leads

Managed teams have in depth conversations with their clients to understand exactly what constitutes a qualified lead. Once this is determined, they use HubSpot to create customized fields and landing pages, which help determine whether a lead is marketing qualified, sales qualified or is already close to becoming a customer.

After establishing this, they know what needs to be done to nurture and move a prospect down the pipeline.

Less time is spent managing databases, more time is spent generating results.


Sales Training

In addition to quality assurance monitoring, recording calls is a key function for training as it allows account managers to identify areas of opportunity on calls, as well as to record best practices on successful calls, which other team members can learn from.


And much more

We integrate HubSpot with your current systems, automate common tasks to save time to focus on key responsibilities, sequence and write template emails that get results, manage social media, and much more.

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