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  • icon-check-greenIpswitch had thousands of Marketing Qualified Inquiries (MQIs) from conferences such as Microsoft Ignite that they wanted to turn into MQLs. However, they only had the capacity internally to call a very small percentage of these MQIs.
  • icon-check-greenSimilarly, Ipswitch had thousands of Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) but did not have the capacity to call all of them and turn them into Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) due to time and human resource restraints.
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  • icon-check-greenCloudTask capitalized on the thousands of marketing inquiries and leads that had already engaged with Ipswitch through events or content, and nurtured these leads by calling them to move them further down the funnel.
  • icon-check-greenCloudTask’s sales reps called Marketing Qualified Inquiries and converted them to Marketing Qualified Leads by asking them to assist an Ipswitch webinar. If they were interested, a CloudTask rep would send them an instant follow up email to confirm their attendance.
  • icon-check-greenAny MQIs that registered for the webinar but did not attend were also called and emailed to be invited to the following webinar.
  • icon-check-greenCloudTask called MQLs that had engaged or downloaded Ipswitch content, and converted them into Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs), by setting up appointments or doing live call transfers to a product specialist in Ipswitch’s sales department.
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  • icon-check-green52 live transfers a week from 4 Business Development Reps (BDRs).
  • icon-check-green7 reps who were calling Marketing Qualified Leads set up an average of 62 appointments a week – 9 appointments a week per rep.
  • icon-check-greenAn average conversion of 90 MQIs to MQLs a month through the webinar approach.
  • icon-check-greenScaled from 2 to 15 BDRs due to the results they were seeing. These BDRs now focus on different target audiences and different stages of the buyer’s journey.


business development representative


Business Development

To correct contact details of
MQIs and MQLs that had wrong
numbers and emails

quality assurance analyst b2b sales


Business Development
Representatives (BDRs)

Focused on calling all leads to take them to the next stage of the buyer’s journey

business development representative bdr



To provide support for the reps and
help them continuously improve

quality assurance analyst b2b sales


Assurance Analyst

Analyze data and assess
effectiveness of outreach

Grow your organization with trained sales experts