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EngageTech is a B2B lead generation company headquartered in the United Kingdom that uses Phone, Email, LinkedIn Connection Requests, and Text Messages to convert prospects into sales qualified leads for companies looking to sell B2B products in Northern Europe, Australia, and the United Kingdom markets.
Monthly Prospect List Size 500+
Monthly Activities Per Prospect (#) 5
Quarterly Output Target (#) 30-36 Discovery Meetings
Performance Guarantee Yes
Quarterly Investment $30,000+
Onboarding Fees No
Additional Fees No


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How EngageTech Does Outreach Campaigns

Prospect Lists

EngageTech uses the following approach in its standard service offering when building prospect lists for Sales Campaigns:

Contact Data Types Software Provided Team Members
  • Human-Curated List Building
  • Contact lists provided by the Client
  • Firmographic Data
  • Demographic Data
  • Technographic Data
  • Trigger Event Data
  • Interest Data
  • Sales Intelligence Software
  • CRM Software
  • Contact List Builders
  • SDR - All Channels

Prospecting Sequences

EngageTech uses the following approach in its standard service offering when engaging with prospects during Sales Campaigns:

Channels Prospect List Type Sequence Types Provided
  • Phone
  • Email
  • LinkedIn Connection Requests
  • Outbound

  • First-Touch Outreach Sequences
  • Follow-Up Outreach Sequences
Campaign Assets Provided Software Provided Team Members
  • Email Scripts
  • LinkedIn Connection Request Scripts
  • LinkedIn Prospecting Scripts
  • Auto Dialer Software
  • Sales Engagement Software
  • Call Coaching Software
  • Business Instant Messaging Software
  • SDR - All Channels
  • Account Executive
  • Customer Support Manager

Performance Reports

EngageTech uses the following approach in its standard service offering when reporting on the performance of Sales Campaigns:

Tactics Data Frequency Software Provided Team Members
  • CRM Reports
  • Spreadsheet Files (Excel/CSV)
  • Slide Presentation PowerPoint
  • Virtual Meetings
  • Activity Metrics
  • Conversion Metrics
  • Output Metrics
  • Time Metrics
  • Weekly
  • Data Visualization Software
  • CRM Software
  • Account Manager
  • Head of Operations
  • Data Scientist

Case Studies

Case Study #1: Cloud Communication Software


A private company headquartered in the USA selling cloud computing and virtualization technology was looking to hire a B2B lead generation company in order to overcome sales challenges related to a Lack of Skill/Expertise in-house.


Company Hired EngageTech to run a Lead Generation Campaign targeting Technology Leaders, Operations Leaders, and Finance Leaders at companies in Any industry operating in the United Kingdom. 

The company planned to measure success by the number of prospects moved into the Proposals Sent Stage with the goal of moving 260 prospects to the Proposals Sent Stage over 12 months and closing approximately 20% (52) of them into Deals Won at an Average Deal Value (ADV) of €46.150. 

The expected sales cycle was 90-120 days which means that if everything went according to plan, the company would see $600,000 in revenue generated from the outsourced sales campaign within 28 months of launch.


EngageTech built a prospect list of 2600 company records each month using Human-Curated List Building and Sales Intelligence Software.

Prospecting Sequences

EngageTech deployed first-touch and follow-up prospecting sequences that included outbound prospecting through Phone, Email, and LinkedIn with a maximum frequency of up to 10 activities per contact per month until the contact converted or requested to be removed from the prospect list.


EngageTech achieved the following results for their client over this campaign period:

Campaign Period: 12 months
Prospect List Size (#):
Discovery Conversion (#):
250 Meetings
Average Deal Value ($):
Less than $120,000 ARR
Average Sales Cycle (# Days):
90-120 days

Frequently Asked Questions

What's important for me to note about how EngageTech approaches building prospect lists?

We use our own CRM database, collated over 12 years of prospecting into IT and finance personas for B2B tech companies.

What's important for me to note about how EngageTech approaches executing prospecting sequences?

EngageTech uses a phone first approach, utilizing LinkedIn and Email as well. The SDR assigned to the campaign is solely working for you, and no other clients, making them a true extension of your team.

EngagedTech callers are commissioned to make as many as they can and the average caller is expected to makes 12-16 meetings a month.

What's important for me to note about how EngageTech approaches reporting on performance results?

As a client, you will have a dedicated Account Manager, SDR Manager, as well as the SDR. All of which report back on performance, campaign metrics, output and results. Reports are delivered through joint teams and Slack channels, CRM reports, and write-ups for every meeting scheduled.

How does EngageTech's performance guarantee work?

EngagedTech guarantees 24-36 meetings - guarantee dependent on the client's messaging.