Grow Your Sales Pipeline
with Qualified B2B Sales Leads


B2B Lead Generation
and Lead Nurturing

We specialize in B2B sales and know how to generate leads at the top of the funnel, and nurture them on their journey towards becoming customers.


Outbound Calls

Calling can still play a key role in nurturing leads and setting up qualified appointments. It’s particularly effective when combined with a digital approach ensuring prospects are touched on different mediums.


Sales Prospecting

We use an omnichannel sales approach to qualify leads and educate them about the value of your product or service so they are eager to jump on a call with your senior sales team.


Social Selling

Social selling on LinkedIn is one of the most effective lead nurturing tools as an average InMail has an open rate of 60% compared to around 25% for typical B2B emails.

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Managed Service

Every CloudTask Sales Team includes the following positions:


Business Development Representative

Proactively reaches out to prospects, turning them into sales qualified leads ready to speak with your senior sales team.


Account Manager

Supports the Business Development Rep, organizes weekly performance reviews and ensures KPIs are met.


Quality Assurance Analyst

Continuously monitors the quality of tone and effectiveness of pitching on calls, grammar on emails and best practices on LinkedIn.


Corporate Trainer

Sets up Business Development Rep with tools for success and undergoes in-depth training and role plays with them before they reach out to prospects.


Content Writer

Drafts email and social selling templates to educate prospects about your unique selling proposition.

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