b2b sales challenges


  • icon-check-greenMatrixCare was struggling with B2B lead generation specifically from the life plan community industry, which was a potential key market for their products.
  • icon-check-greenThe data in their sales system had not been updated for years, and their leads database was therefore messy and needed to be organized and updated.
  • icon-check-greenMatrixCare was formerly called AOD software and some prospects still recognized them by that name. They needed a consistent messaging strategy to ensure prospects were not confused.
b2b sales solutions


  • icon-check-greenIdentified the key companies and decision makers within the life plan community industry.
  • icon-check-greenIdentified MatrixCare’s retail tracker as the core product that would appeal to these specific personas.
  • icon-check-greenEducated these specific buyer personas through an ominchannel approach of calls, email and social with messaging about how the retail tracker solved their specific pain points.
  • icon-check-greenUsed HubSpot to track and monitor leads, and to simultaneously clean up their existing database by eliminating old contacts and filling in gaps for any useful prospects.
b2b lead generation strategy


  • icon-check-greenGenerated 15 qualified leads from the life plan community, which is a limited and highly specific network. 11 of these leads were dining directors, 3 were financial directors or CFOs and 1 was a clinical director.
  • icon-check-green72% of leads came from dining directors specifically, which is a great example of the success of the inbound sales and buyer persona targeting.
  • icon-check-greenCleaned 1,277 contacts from the old database.
  • icon-check-greenSeamlessly integrated HubSpot into their b2b lead generation strategy without having to train the MatrixCare sales or marketing team.


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B2B lead generation strategy



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