How Outsourced Sales Services Save You Time & Allow You to Reach Your Goals



The Role of SDRs

A Sales Development Representative (SDR) identifies and qualifies prospects for the sales team.

SDRs are responsible for sourcing up to 45% of a company’s

An SDR’s pre-sales activities often include:

Making outbound sales calls to cold leads and
taking inbound calls from warmer leads.

Sending emails and social messages
to prospects

Setting up appointments or introductory

Qualifying webs visitors through chat

Sending follow up messages and

How you will save time and money, whilst producing great results:

You can hire and manage SDRs in-house or you can outsource SDRs. By utilizing CloudTask’s services you will see the following benefits:

Recruiting Time

In House


Save a potential
1,170 hours recruiting

  • 5Average number of reps hired every year: 5.2
  • 65Candidates interviewed: 65.2
  • 18Average amount of time spent on hiring activities per candidate: 18 hours.2

With CloudTask


No time spent

Why waste your time finding and interviewing candidates that may not have the right skills, company culture, and passion for the job?

We do this for you!

Training Time

In House


From 3

  • 3.2Average ramp up time of a rep: 3.2 months.3
  • 1.2Average full productivity of a rep: 1.2 years.3
  • 97kReplacing a rep costs organizations an average of $97,690.4

With CloudTask


To a few

We train our reps for success and the day they begin working with you, they’re already trained in sales best practice and technology.

We’ll still need to work with your team to ensure optimal understanding and results, but much of the heavy lifting will be complete.

Management Time

In House


From daily

  • 25%Managers get rid of about 25% of their workload5 to spend it on more important priorities when outsourcing.

With CloudTask


To no management

CloudTask has an experienced management team behind the SDRs to ensure we hit your KPIs.

Start Obtaining Results Instantly

CloudTask has delivered results across numerous industries and accounts from day one:

Software powerhouse, Ipswitch, used CloudTask’s Outsourced SDRs to:

Generate over $4.5 million
in pipeline in 2018.

This lead to more than
$1.2 million in closed deals.

All at a 5.2X ROI

Nierman, a leader for software, education, and medical billing
solutions, used CloudTask’s Services to:

Generate 122 qualified
appointments in 10 months.

Of these 122 appointments,
48 lead to closed deals.

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from a CloudTask Sales Team

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