Turn Marketing Leads into Sales Leads

Inbound Sales Teams to Turn Your Marketing Leads into Qualified Sales Leads

Inbound Sales

Choose the number of reps
For more than 15 RepsTalk to Sales
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  • 4
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Inbound Sales Reps


The support of a:
  • Account Manager
  • Sales Trainer
  • Business Analyst
  • Sales Engineer
  • Content Writer
And the tech to succeed:
  • Technology to be confirmed depending on your specific requirements
Plus we take care of:
  • Hiring and training
  • Management and reporting
  • Taxes and benefits
  • Real estate and technology
  • Other additional costs - find out more

Full-Time Inbound Sales Reps


$23.15/hour per rep


$21.70/hour per rep


$20.25/hour per rep


$19.68/hour per rep


$19.68/hour per rep


$19.10/hour per rep


$19.10/hour per rep


$18.52/hour per rep


$18.52/hour per rep


$18.52/hour per rep


$18.52/hour per rep


$18.52/hour per rep


$18.52/hour per rep


$18.52/hour per rep

Blended price including hiring, training, management, technology, reporting and other additional costs.

Talk to Sales

*Commissions: To be confirmed depending on the product and services we sell

Deliverables Included

Call StrategyCall
Social Selling StrategySocial Selling
Regular Reporting Regular
Performance Reviews Performance
Sales PlaybookSales
Communication Style GuideCommunication
Style Guide