Growing Companies Through Managed Sales Teams

Delight, Attract, Engage

Sales Pods

A team of sales reps supported by managers and trainers,

24/7 and Multilingual


$8 million in pipeline and $2.25 million of closed deals in 18 months


“We reduced costs, improved efficiency and saw quick results” VP of Marketing

Positions in a CloudTask Sales Pod


3X Business Development Reps (BDRs)

Proactively reach out to prospects, turning them into sales qualified leads and pipeline


Sales Leader

Extra full time resource and the most experienced rep

Sales Leader

Sales Manager

Manages the team, ensures KPIs are met and organizes regular performance reviews

Customer Success Manager

Sales Trainer

Undergoes in-depth training and role plays with the team

Quality Assurance Coach

Business Analyst

Organizes and analyzes the data to identify areas of strength and opportunity

Content Writer

Content Writer

Drafts messaging templates to nurture and convert prospects



What you’re paying for:

3 Full-Time BDRs


1 Full-Time Sales Leader

Including: Sales Manager, Business Analyst, Sales Trainer and Content Writer

With the tech to succeed:

  • - Sales Navigator
  • - Seamless
  • - Apollo
  • - Drift

VS an Internal Team



  • +
  • Hiring
  • Training
  • Managing
  • Office Space
  • Technology


3X Business Development Reps - $11,250

Sales Leader - $5,835

Sales Manager - $6,250

Business Analyst - $4,765

Sales Trainer - $5,250

Content Writer - $3,750

Source: Linkedin

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