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  • Increase Sales with an Outsourced Team
  • Receive Verified Leads that Match Your Target Market
  • Convert Marketing Leads into Qualified Sales Meetings
  • Close More Deals
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CloudTask Sales Teams


Sales is our speciality. CloudTask Outsourced B2B Sales Teams are experts who seamlessly plug into your existing operation and help you grow your sales pipeline. We're also 24/7 and multilingual.


The result? You win more business.

Sales Teams
Increase B2B Lead Quality

CloudTask SDR's

Increase B2B Lead Quality

Source new leads, clean data and find opportunities that perfectly match your target market

Generate Qualified Meetings

CloudTask SDR's

Generate Qualified Meetings

Use an omni-channel approach of calls, email, social selling and chat to convert B2B leads into qualified meetings

Close Deals

Your Sales Teams

Close More

We fill your pipeline with good-fit prospects most likely to become your customers, empowering your sales team to hit their revenue targets.

Outbound Sales Specialists

We're specialists in establishing and scaling sales development teams. From lead sourcing to booking sales qualified meetings, we create predictable pipelines and repeatable outcomes for you.

Sales Specialists
Fully Managed Service

Fully Managed Service

We recruit, hire, equip, train and retain teams of B2B sales experts that plug into your sales operation. Outsource the headache while seeing positive results.

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The CloudTask Academy

We invest heavily in sales training and partner with some of the world’s leading sales authorities. The result? You have only the best experts working for your business.

CloudTask Academy
Proven Track Record

What it's like working with CloudTask

  • Daily Check-Ins from our team
  • Monthly reports
  • Full lists of prospective leads
  • A growing network of potential buyers
  • Access to a responsive team with sales certifications and sales development tools


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Our pricing ranges are available for everyone to see. Whether you need two reps or ten, our service costs are always visible.

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