managed service


  • icon-check-greenStrongpoint had no client support team or structure in place to handle incoming enquiries.
  • icon-check-greenTheir team was not trained in customer support best practices and had to take time away from their primary job roles.
  • icon-check-greenThere was a lack of communication between the development and customer success teams, FAQs didn’t exist and their technical training guides weren’t up to date.
customer support services


  • icon-check-greenHired, trained and managed a support team to handle Tier 1 and Tier 2 cases for Strongpoint’s NetSuite application, and utilized automated replies for support cases related to license management.
  • icon-check-greenCreated full documentation of all queries, so we could work independently of Strongpoint, allowing them to focus on their primary objectives.
  • icon-check-greenAnalyzed all incoming queries so we could channel common issues to the development team which could be resolved in future updates.
customer success


  • icon-check-greenHandled over 350 support cases.
  • icon-check-greenHelped reduce time spent resolving support cases by 34%.
  • icon-check-greenTheir CEO described our partnership as ‘successful and adding a lot of value.'
  • icon-check-greenDue to this success, they are now scaling their services to include 2 Business Development Reps, as part of CloudTask's Inbound Sales Services, to help sell their NetSuite and Salesforce applications.


quality assurance analyst


Assurance Analyst

To analyze data and the effectiveness of our work

technical support agent


2 Technical Support Agents:
1 Functional Consultant and
1 Technical Consultant

To solve incoming queries and help with future success through feedback and documentation

customer success



For strategic planning, performance monitoring and continuous improvement

Improve Customer Satisfaction and
Retention Rates with Trained Support Experts