Strongpoint Easily Scaled Their Customer Support Team and Reduced Response Times by 34%


Strongpoint is the fastest, safest and most stress-free application to manage documentation, change management and compliance for NetSuite and Salesforce.

Entering 2017:

1 Case study: Strongpoint no client support team


Strongpoint had no
client support team or
structure in place to
handle incoming

2 Case study: Strongpoint not trained in customer support


Their team was not
trained in customer
support best practices
and they had to take
time away from their
primary job roles.

3 Case study: Strongpoint lack of communication


There was a lack of communication between development and customer success, FAQs didn’t exist and their technical guides weren’t up to date.


As a result they turned to CloudTask, who help companies improve their customer satisfaction and retention through trained and managed teams of experts.

The CloudTask Support Team:

Case study: Strongpoint trained a support team

Trained and managed a support team to handle
Strongpoint’s tier 1 and tier 2 queries.

Case study: Strongpoint created full documentation

Created full documentation of all queries to
work independently of Strongpoint.

Case study: Strongpoint analyzed all queries

Analyzed all incoming queries to channel
common issues to the development team for
resolution in future updates.

The CloudTask Team Included:

6 Customer Support Specialists

Quality Assurance Analyst





Case study: Strongpoint 350 support cases

Handled over 350
technical support cases

Case study: Strongpoint 34% reduced time on support cases

Reduced time spent
resolving support
cases by 34%


Mark Walker

As Mark Walker, CEO of Strongpoint puts it,

‘’CloudTask’s Managed Service was very successful for us and added a lot of value. Previously we didn’t have a support structure, but through CloudTask we bought one and it worked.’’

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