CloudTask Referral Program Terms of Service


Welcome to CloudTask!

Thanks for using our website Cloudtask, a Miami corporation located at The Services we provided through our website are provided by CloudTask LLC (“CloudTask”), located 1680 Michigan Avenue, Suite 1104, Miami, Florida 33138, United States.

This Referral Agreement (“Agreement”) is made and entered into between (“You”) and CloudTask LLC., a Florida corporation, with offices at 1940 NE 194th DR N, Miami, FL, 33179, US. (“CloudTask”).  The purpose of this Agreement is to provide the terms and conditions under which You may submit qualified leads to CloudTask, under procedures developed by CloudTask, in order to enable CloudTask to convert the lead(s) into customers. You will be entitled to compensation for Your referral only if the referral is deemed qualified by CloudTask, and only under the conditions set out in this Agreement.   

  1. Referral Form:  All referrals must be submitted on a form that can be found at   “”.   


2.1 Referral Submission. In order to make a referral, You must complete all required fields as specified in CloudTask’s  online form, along with a clear description of the type of business for which the referral is being made. 

2.2 Acceptance of Referrals. Within 15 days of your submission, CloudTask will notify You whether your lead has been “accepted.” CloudTask may reject any lead for any reason at its sole discretion. If a referral is rejected, CloudTask may not market to or promote its services to the entity or individual referred by You for a period of six months after your referral, unless (i) You agree to allow CloudTask to do so, or (ii) the entity or individual You referred was already in the sales process with CloudTask before Your referral was presented.  

CloudTask will NOT pay a referral fee to You for (i) a lead that is presented on an incomplete Registration form; (ii) was identified as a prospect or lead by CloudTask or one of its referral sources prior to Your referral: (iii) is a company or individual with which CloudTask does not want to do business for any reason; (iv) or is a company or individual that has not authorized you to make a referral on its behalf.  


3.1 Referral Fee.  CloudTask will pay You a one-time Referral Fee of $400 for each customer referral that is “accepted” from You during the term of this Agreement.  

3.2 Payment. Referral fees will be paid to You within 30 days of “acceptance” by CloudTask of any referral from You.  


This Agreement is non-exclusive.  Both CloudTask and You are free to enter into referral arrangements with other sources and companies, and are free to compete with one another, so long as neither You nor CloudTask use the proprietary information or intellectual property of the other in such competitive activities.  

  1. Independent Contractor:  Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed to designate you as a partner or CloudTask or as having any authority to speak on behalf of CloudTask or to bind CloudTask in any way.  You acknowledge that You are an independent contractor, and that You have not been granted any right or authority to act on behalf of CloudTask.