How We Help Marketing Leaders

Generate and Convert Leads

Turning Marketing Leads into Sales Leads

Marketing does not end once a lead converts to a call-to-action. We plug-into your marketing campaigns and help turn your marketing qualified leads (MQLs) into sales qualified leads (SQLs).

We do this through an omnichannel approach of email, calls, social selling and chat, and reach out to each lead multiple times.

We’ve found most inbound leads are only touched 5 times, but it can take an average of 7 just to get their attention. It’s essential to have a comprehensive lead nurturing system in place that could include up to 30 touch points.


Convert Website Traffic
into Leads

We’re on hand to engage with your website visitors via sales chat technology on your site, also known as conversational marketing. Sales chat is instant, meets your prospects where they are and is many prospects’ preferred way of speaking with a brand.

We set this up for you or plug into your existing platform.

This allows us to build relationships with your prospects, answer questions, qualify opportunities, capture customer data, book meetings and in short, generate you qualified leads.

Sales chat plays a vital role in any inbound lead conversion program and companies such as Ipswitch have seen results that far outweigh those produced by more traditional website CTAs such as forms.

Account-Based Marketing Requires
Account-Based Sales

We work hand-in-hand with your Account-Based Marketing programs.

Once key leads are secured, we strategically warm them and move them down the funnel via multiple touch points.

We also help to build out your influence across the buying committee on target accounts by engaging and nurturing key stakeholders within the same organization as the initial lead.


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