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Increase Lead Quality

Your sales engine is only ever as good as the targeting data that goes into it. That’s why we carry out an extensive audit of your target companies and personas using our market-leading data partners and proprietary target account list building techniques. This results in a laser-targeted lead pool which our sales specialists engage with, nurture and qualify.

The result? You can be sure that sales efforts are only concentrated on key accounts and personas that are ideally suited to your needs.


Generate Qualified Meetings

CloudTask Business Development Representatives work with a target lead list or a client’s in-house lead pool, engaging with prospects, nurturing them and booking qualified meetings.

They use a multi-channel approach that includes phone, chat, email, SMS, and social outreach to engage leads on the channel that is best for the client.

As graduates of the CloudTask Sales Training Academy, they are trained to handle any eventuality and ensure that appointments are only set with the most qualified prospects.

Close Deals

Once leads are generated, nurtured and meetings are booked, having true sales experts leading the client-facing conversations is the difference between winning new business and your sales pipeline faltering.

CloudTask Account Executives are just that; true sales experts who’s comfort zone is leading client meetings and closing deals. Every CloudTask Account Executive is also a graduate of CloudTask’s proprietary Sales Training Academy, meaning that you will only ever have best in class sales talent working on the sharp-end of your pipeline.


Generate sales meetings with prospects, build pipeline and close deals

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