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About CloudTask

Who We Are

CloudTask was founded in 2014 as a Business Process Outsourcing company, specializing in B2B Lead Generation and Sales Services. 

Due to our years of experience as a direct provider of B2B Lead Generation and sales services, we have a first-hand perspective of the unique challenges that arise between companies and agencies trying to achieve success together through sales outsourcing.

We are leveraging that perspective to create Clarity in the Cloudy World of Sales Outsourcing by providing tools, research, and advice that business leaders can use to mitigate risks that could inhibit their ability to accelerate sales growth profitably through sales outsourcing.

Our typical customers are B2B software brands, with established inbound marketing results and year-over-year revenue growth targets of 20% or greater.

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CloudTask provides tools, research, and advice that companies use to reduce risks associated with accelerating sales growth profitably through sales outsourcing.

Why We Exist

Outsourcing sales isn't new, however, the sales outsourcing industry has exploded over the past few years with companies large and small hiring B2B lead generation companies to execute sales pipeline building activities with the goal of accelerating revenue growth with less time, cost, and effort. 

While the practice of outsourcing to sales agencies is becoming more accepted, appreciated, and valued, if you take a look at negative reviews for B2B Lead Generation Companies on Online Review Sites Like Clutch and G2, you’ll see a Common Theme: 

“I didn’t get what I thought I was buying”



Clients want to source the most cost-effective solution

Agencies want to deliver results in the most cost-effective way

Clients want more predictable performance results

Agencies want time to establish performance predictability

Clients want to minimize disruptions in productivity

Agencies want to retain clients longer

one bad experience can make buyers very cautious and reluctant when it comes to committing to the next sales agency – which isn’t good for business for either of them…

So, what needs to change in order for clients and agencies to get on the same page more often and grow in the same direction? 

We’ve made it our mission to figure that out.

CloudTask is on a mission to identify and remove friction points in the sales outsourcing process that prevent brands and agencies from getting the maximum perceived value out of their contractual agreements.

Who We Serve

CloudTask Serves As A Partner to Companies Looking To Hire Sales Agencies and Sales Agencies That Compete For Their Business

Our typical customers are B2B software brands, with established inbound marketing results that are looking to accelerate growth by contracting B2B Lead Generation companies to execute outbound sales activities on their behalves.

Most Often, Companies Come to CloudTask when…

  • They have experienced rapid growth and their sales capabilities aren’t keeping up
  • They are about to hire a strategic, high-dollar vendor and they want to be sure they don’t end up selecting the wrong vendor or paying too much
  • They are investing a ton of money in their lead generation efforts and are frustrated that they aren’t getting the results they expected
  • They are struggling to find an efficient, sound approach to entering multiple markets at the same time.
  • They Want To Stand Up A New Sales Team Quickly Without The Risk Of Hiring Internal Employees
Sales and marketing leaders at B2B software brands use solutions offered by CloudTask to build sales pipelines and accelerate revenue growth profitably through sales outsourcing.

How We Create Value

CloudTask Marketplace is an all-in-one platform Designed to give brands and agencies of all sizes the best chance at a successful partnership. You can Discover, Evaluate, Hire, and Manage Sales Agencies That Compete For Your Business Through One Centralized Platform

Why cloudtask

Less Time Searching Online

Our team is constantly working directly with sales agencies across the globe to understand and describe their service models in a consistent way so you can compare them apples-to-apples and save time trying to figure out what they actually do one at a time.

why cloudtask

Less Time On Discovery Calls

Time is money! By filtering out the agencies with service models that don't match your business requirements, goals, and budget, BEFORE you engage, ​you can arrange meetings only with agencies that have the best chance of being a match for your campaigns and avoid wasting time evaluating those that don't.

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Why Cloudtask

More Peace of Mind

Our sales outsourcing specialists are available to provide you with one-on-one support applying best practices and resolving vendor conflicts. No cost, pressure of timelines, or obligations to act on our recommendations. Just unbiased guidance to support you as you build and grow.

Meet The Team

Amir - About Us Pic

Amir Reiter

Founder & CEO

Tony Dicks - CloudTask

Tony Dicks

Chief Revenue Officer

Eddie - About Us Pic

Eddie Bello

Sales Outsourcing Specialist