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Your Online Tool For Accelerating Sales Growth Profitably Through Sales Outsourcing

CloudTask is on a mission to remove friction points that could prevent Buyers and Sellers from efficiently building sales pipelines and accelerating revenue growth together through sales outsourcing.

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The CloudTask Marketplace Difference

Our Past Makes Us Uniquely Qualified To Positively Impact Your Future...

CloudTask was founded in 2014 as a Business Process Outsourcing company specializing in B2B Lead Generation and Sales Services. 

Due to our years of experience as a direct provider of B2B Lead Generation and sales services, we have a first-hand perspective of the unique challenges that arise between Buyers and Sellers trying to achieve success together through sales outsourcing.

Now we are leveraging that perspective to transform sales outsourcing: CloudTask no longer performs services on behalf of Clients, but rather, acts as an intermediary, facilitating relationships and transactions between the Companies (Buyers) and Sales Services Contractors (Sellers).

Through the CloudTask Marketplace, both Buyers and Sellers of B2B Sales Services are empowered to find, negotiate, contract, and pay each other through One Centralized Online Platform -- the same way they shop for a room on Airbnb, a loan on LendingTree, or a ride on Uber.

Most Often, Companies Come to CloudTask when…

  • They have experienced rapid growth, and their sales capabilities aren’t keeping up
  • They are about to hire a strategic, high-dollar vendor, and they want to be sure they don’t end up selecting the wrong vendor or paying too much
  • They are investing a ton of money in their lead generation efforts and are frustrated that they aren’t getting the results they expected
  • They are struggling to find an efficient, sound approach to entering multiple markets at the same time
  • They want to stand up a new sales team quickly without the risk of hiring internal employees

When Companies Start Their Search On CloudTask, They Experience...

Less Time Searching Online

Our team is constantly working directly with sales agencies across the globe to understand and describe their service models in a consistent way so you can compare them apples-to-apples and save time trying to figure out what they actually do one at a time.

Less Time On Discovery Calls

Time is money! By filtering out the agencies with service models that don't match your business requirements, goals, and budget, BEFORE you engage, ​you can arrange meetings only with agencies that have the best chance of being a match for your campaigns and avoid wasting time evaluating those that don't.

More Peace of Mind

Our sales outsourcing specialists are available to provide you with one-on-one support in applying best practices and resolving vendor conflicts. No cost, pressure of timelines, or obligations to act on our recommendations. Just unbiased guidance to support you as you build and grow.


The Buyers that find the most success in our Marketplace are typically B2B software brands with established inbound marketing results that are looking to accelerate growth by hiring Sales Agencies or Sales Freelancers to execute outbound B2B Lead Generation activities on their behalves.

Meet The Team


Tony Dicks - CloudTask

Tony Dicks

Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)

Meet With Tony

Eddie Bello

Eddie Bello

Sales Outsourcing Specialist

Meet With Eddie

Daniel Agudelo

Daniel Agudelo

Sales Account Executive

Meet With Daniel

Daniel Gallego

Daniel Gallego

Head of Market Intelligence

Meet With Daniel

Matias Gaviria

Matias Gaviria

Market Research Analyst

Meet With Matias

David Menjura

David Menjura

Affiliate Marketing Manager

Meet With David

Daniela Castrillon

Daniela Castrillon

Meet With Daniela

Carolin Forero

Carolin Forero

Human Resources Coordinator

Meet With Carolin

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Viviana Puerta

Coworking Community Manager

Meet With Viviana

Matt Valencia

Matt Valencia

Marketing Director

Meet With Matt

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Mauricio Murillo

Technology Solutions Manager / Scrum Master

Meet With Mauricio

Javier Picture

Javier Vicini

Audiovisual Specialist

Meet With Javier

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Arturo Mejia

Sales Opp (AR, AP, Billing & Collections)

Meet With Arturo

Paula Ardila Pic

Paula Ardila

Social Media Assistant

Meet With Paula