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Key 8 Job Positions in a Managed Service for Sales

The Crucial Roles that will Ensure Inbound Sales Success


Hiring and training your sales team can take a lot of time, effort and money. You have no way of knowing if a new employee who made a great impression during the hiring process, will eventually develop into an excellent addition to your sales team. Too many managers and CEOs continue to struggle with problems like these; it’s time and money that they could have invested in something else like improving their product or customer service channels.


Thankfully, using energy to focus on your core business functions without having to worry about selling your product or service is possible by partnering with a remote, inbound sales team. What roles should you include? Here are the top 8 positions that make up a killer on-demand sales team.


Business Development Associate


The BDA is in charge of researching the profiles of potential clients and developing strategic relationships with them. With the information they provide, the rest of the sales team can direct their content to attract and convert potential customers. In other words, they focus on making the prospect aware of a product or service. A BDA must also work hand in hand with the Business Development Representative by acquiring relevant information.


Business Development Representative


The BDR has a significant role in the sales process as they consolidate the information gathered by the BDA and work to establish a direct connection with potential customers by categorizing them through qualifying questions. A BDR is in charge of building rapport with possible clients before passing them to a sales specialist. They also look for new prospects through detailed research.


Business Development Manager


A BDM is involved in the process of interacting with prospects, classifying them into Sales-Qualified Leads and even cold calling and emailing. They are in charge of aligning the goals of the company with the sales team and working closely with managers of other areas to develop strategic planning. A BDR is also required to analyze the work of the BDA and BDR.


Sales Operations Specialist


They are sales professionals that help with the qualifying process of a prospect. They maintain contact with Sales-Qualified Leads and know how to navigate them through the buyer’s journey. Furthermore, a Sales Operation Specialist has broad knowledge about the company's brand because they are in charge of collecting and analyzing data about the sales process to devise and improve strategies. The information they provide is crucial for the marketing team to evaluate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.


Account Executive 


It’s a position where the professional handles the relationship with an established client, keeping a high standard of satisfaction. The Executive maintains close communication with the clients to understand their needs, provide swift solutions and manage budgets. They are in charge of tracking the results and efficiency of each account's sales and marketing campaigns and then providing feedback to the managers. An Account Executive aims for retention and delight through valuable content and high-level customer service.  


Sales Manager


The manager is the head of all sales operations in a company. They work through all inbound sales processes, from devising the sales plans, workflows and goals through the training of new members of the sales team, data analysis and feedback processes with a BDA and BDR. A Sales Manager has a complete overview of the sales department, its functioning and needs to have strong leadership skills to implement stable work structures and communication habits.


Solutions Consultant


These consultants are deeply involved in operations including brand and product positioning, and also works with the marketing and sales departments. The Solutions Consultant provides support in technical aspects for the clients, and develops a structured feedback and training program. If human resources are limited, sometimes they can be required to fill in for the Sales Manager to close sales and address specific opportunities.


VP of Sales


On the top of the sales ladder, you have the  VP of sales who has  leadership over every individual  in the sales department, and has to focus on the revenue generated by the team. They are required to communicate with all staff members as well as the CEO to review the short, medium and long-term performance of the sales strategies. They arre also in charge of finding new markets and clients to expand the brand.  Occasionally, they can be involved in direct sales with strategic partners as well as providing support to high profile clients to achieve customer satisfaction.


These 8 positions, when adopted in the cloud, mean no more hiring or training on-site staff, and not having to worry about new laptops, office space or HR costs, along with many other expenses.



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