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Why Employee Productivity is More Important Than Location

Employee productivity and return on investment can be much higher from a remote workforce than on site employees.


When you decide to expand your team to accelerate your growth, you should consider looking beyond the immediate location where your business is based to hunt for worthy candidates.


After all, isn’t it more important for your employees to be productive and excel at what they do, than be based in the same office as you? Irrespective of where your employees are based, they need to show results!


While the conventional thing to do is hire employees who are within commutable distance from your office, think about whether you are getting a favourable return-on-investment considering the amount of time, effort and money you “spend” on your employees? (The onboarding process, a benefits package, utility overheads, office equipment and space.)


We previously looked at some reasons why many business owners are apprehensive about taking the leap to scale with a remote workforce. One concern that emerged was the difficulty of managing and tracking employee performance.


As a business owner or CEO, you can’t be faulted for being anxious about this integral aspect of hiring a remote workforce. After all, how can you tell if you’re employees are actually putting in the hours and engaged in productive work instead of whiling away hours on social media?


According to a recent survey of US remote workers, 91% found they are more productive while working remotely.


Thanks to the plethora of cloud-software options available today, managing the performance of remote employees and tracking their productivity is easier than you realize.


Let’s look at a few tools you can use to do just that.





This is another great time-tracking software that tracks productivity by gauging activity levels through screenshots. Virtual employees are simply able to download a desktop Hubstaff app which auto-generates reports and timesheets which the employer can then manage from his end.


iPhone users can now download the app which can track productivity on the go through its GPS feature - great for high-flying senior level remote employees.



Time Doctor


Time Doctor is a time tracking application to monitor and improve team productivity. It tracks screenshots, web and app usage, payroll, and has many other features to make sure you get the most out of your working day. Time Doctor has great tracking integrations with all the top project and task management software on the market.



When your day to day is filled with "busy" work that focuses on project status meetings and the never-ending email threads - this is not what gets the work done.


Asana lets you know who is doing what and when it will be complete by integrating a whole suite of project management and collaboration tools under the one platform.


They include file and app integrations for seamless collaboration that allow you to create, store, share your files, and documents across your team like Dropbox, Google Drive, or even Box.


And when you're striving for actionable and focused communication you’ll always know the status of work happening across your team with integrations via Gmail and Slack.So when you need to reduce the amount of work "about work" this is one of the best platforms to do it with.






Wrike is a useful project-management tool which is designed to monitor and track the progress of various projects your remote teams are working on. For instance, it gives you a visual timeline (via a Gantt chart) that allows you to view your project schedule and track performance of various team members in real time.


You can also increase employee productivity by utilizing several built-in features which encourage collaboration such motivating team members via feedback with the @mention feature. This minimizes email communication and meetings to discuss updates.





Among HubSpot’s several benefits is a feature which lets you easily track employee efficiency via its CRM Dashboard. It provides an overview of your sales teams’ work by allowing you to filter by team or user to display how many calls, emails, appointments and tasks have been completed for the selected user and time frame.


On the marketing platform, you can use the calendar tool to set deadlines for blogs, email campaigns or any type of content creation.



Productivity trumps location  


Unlike hiring an on-site team, the key thing business owners will have to worry about with their remote workforce is employee efficiency and whether they are able to hit targets and boost revenue. With the great selection of cloud software tools available today, you will be much better placed to get the same job done at a much lower price and better results!



Culture  also has a big influence on productivity:

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