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Find The Right Agencies For Your Sales Team Quickly!

Cut The Time & Energy It Takes To Find Out What Sales Agencies Can Do For You & How Much It Will Cost In Half By Starting Your Sales Agency Search In The CloudTask Marketplace!

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You Gain Instant Access To A Vetted Global Community Of Sales Agencies
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Get Your Sales Outsourcing Journey Off To The Right Start With Our Help!

While Some Businesses Have Abandoned The Personal Touch, We Go Above And Beyond To Ensure Your Success With Sales Outsourcing.

Our Sales Outsourcing Specialists Are Available To Support You As You Use Our Tools And Apply Sales Outsourcing Best Practices, So That You Can Achieve A Higher Probability Of Success Without The High-Pressure Sales Tactics As You Build And Grow.

At This First Step Of Your Sales Outsourcing Journey, One Of Our Sales Outsourcing Specialists Will Work With You To Create Your Request For Proposal Containing Key Information Every Agency Wants From You On A Discovery Call.

This Is A Critical Step Because It Not Only Saves You Time And Ensures You Don't Leave Out Key Details, But Also, It Will Help To Quickly Filter Out Agencies Who Clearly Aren't A Match For Your Criteria.


You'll get 3 Helpful Resources You'll Be Able To Use For Outsourcing Sales Now And In The Future.

  • Sales Outsourcing KPI Calculator
  • Sales Outsourcing Request For Proposal
  • Sales Agency Comparison Worksheet

We look forward to helping you avoid the pitfalls of outsourcing sales and get your outbound lead generation campaign launched with an agency that's truly the best fit for your sales team's needs! 

How It Works

CloudTask Sales Outsourcing Specialists Support You From Search To Launch In 6 Steps:

#1 | Create Request For Proposal

The More Clear You Are About Your Needs, The Higher The Probability You'll Hire An Agency That Can Really Deliver For You. That's Why We Work With You To Create A Request For Proposal Containing All Of The Key Information Every Agency Wants From You On A Discovery Call.

#2 | Shortlist Agencies

Our Team Will Provide You With A List Of Up To 3 Agencies That Appear To Be The Best Match For Your Sales Campaign Requirements. You Decide Whether You'd Like To Get Proposals Presented By One Or All Three Shortlisted Agencies.

#3 | Review Proposals

We'll Invite Your Selected Agencies To Present Their Plans For Achieving The Goals Outlined In Your Campaign Brief: How They'll Build Your Prospect Lists, Sales Sequences, And Performance Reports, And How Much All That Will Cost.

#4 | Negotiate Contracts

You'll Negotiate Pricing, And Terms Then Select The Agencies You Think Are The Best Fit For Your Needs. If Your Criteria Changed During The Process, We'll Work With You To Revise Your RFP And Create A New Shortlist.

#5 | Manage Payments

Manage Your Payments For Multiple Agencies In One Centralized Platform. Pay With Credit Card WITHOUT “Convenience” Fees. No Markups From Us And No Hidden Fees.

#6 | Onboard Your New Teams

You'll Work Directly With The Agencies You've Selected, Providing Them With All The Necessary Information, Training, Tools, And Permissions They Need To Successfully Execute Your Campaigns.

Ready To Build Your Request For Proposal?

Get Bids, Negotiate Terms, and Hire Your Best Agency!