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  • icon-check-greenIn 2017, Ipswitch only had an internal team in charge of sales chat who did not have the bandwidth to cover the thousands of web visitors they were receiving every day, many of which were qualified leads that were being lost on site.
  • icon-check-greenIpswitch were using a sales chat software that did not allow automated messaging, appointment setting and integration with Marketo.
  • icon-check-greenThey were looking to increase their lead to MQL and MQL to opportunity conversion rate.
b2b lead generation


  • icon-check-greenA managed sales chat team of three representatives to respond to sales queries on site, generate leads, and manage all the processes and technology of the Ipswitch sales chat system.
  • icon-check-greenPhishing was used by the representatives, a technique in which they proactively reached out to contacts who were looking at particular web pages such as product pricing or features pages, and if they were qualified, they were then passed on to the sales team.
  • icon-check-greenOne of these representatives was solely dedicated to covering Latin American prospects in Spanish.
  • icon-check-greenRepresentatives also responded to technical support chats and directed them onto Ipswitch’s customer service team.
live chat managed service


  • icon-check-greenThe CloudTask Sales Chat Team are an integral part of the Ipswitch sales process and book appointments directly in the sales team's calendar, greatly boosting conversion rates and opportunity value.
  • icon-check-greenIpswitch has generated 7 figures in opportunities using sales chat, including almost $1 million of opportunities in Q1 2018 alone.
  • icon-check-greenThis figure came from 84 opportunities, from 150 Marketing Qualified Leads generated from sales chat.
  • icon-check-greenAlthough Ipswitch initially started with one managed representative, they scaled up to three representatives after just one month given the immediate results that were seen.


managed service b2b sales



Drafts template conversations to attract leads and educate prospects, and writes rebuttals to common objections.

sales trainer



Enables reps with the tools for success, and undergoes in-depth training and role plays with the agent before they reach out to prospects.

chat representative


Sales Chat

Continuously monitors the quality of messaging to prospects, provides feedback on areas of improvement and highlights best practices.

bda live chat



Provides support and coaching for the reps, organizes weekly performance reviews and ensures KPIs are met.

quality assurance analyst


Quality Assurance

Continuously monitors the quality of messaging to prospects, provides feedback on areas of improvement and highlights best practices.

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