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We grow the amount of money your clients spend with you

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CloudTask Success Teams

Our Customer Success Teams are bespoke units of experts who seamlessly plug into your existing operation. We're also 24/7 and multilingual.

We use a combination of talent and technology to ensure your clients stay engaged with your product or service, remain as customers and grow their total spend with you through up-sells. Their success is your success.

The result? You increase your revenue.

CT Success Teams
Our Success Teams

Improve Customer Engagement

We ensure your customers are engaged, happy and continue using your product or service


Generate More Revenue

We proactively reach out to your clients, encouraging upsell and cross sell opportunities


Increase Retention and LTV

We grow your customer retention rate and increase your client's average lifetime value

Success Specialists

We are success experts with years of experience in engaging customers, understanding their concerns, increasing product engagement and growing lifetime customer value.

Success Specialists
Fully Managed Services

Fully Managed Service

We recruit, hire, train and retain teams of success experts that plug into your sales operation. You outsource the headaches and just see the results.


The CloudTask Academy

We invest heavily in sales training and partner with some of the world’s leading sales authorities. The result? You have best-in-breed experts working for your business.

Cloudtask Academy
Sales Proven Track Records

Record of Success

We are trusted by leading organizations around the world for a reason. We let our results do the talking and have a track-record of success.


Our pricing is completely transparent.
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Success Specialists

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