Increase Customer Retention 
and Customer Satisfaction

increase customer satisfaction improve net promoter score

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Improve your Net Promoter Score and CSAT by using professionals that have years of experience dealing with difficult client situations.

first contact resolution csat

First Contact Resolution

First-response resolution is our primary goal. This is the stat that increases client satisfaction more than anything else and is essential for customer retention.

customer service training


During on-boarding, we work with clients to ensure every aspect of the training process is covered and have regular meetings to address any issues arising.

quality assurance management

Quality Assurance Management

All outreach is monitored for quality assurance best practices to ensure that your brand’s reputation is upheld across phone, email and chat channels.

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Managed Service

When you outsource Customer Support to CloudTask, your team includes the following positions:

customer service representative customer service skills

Customer Service Representative

Handles client queries and trained in essential customer service skills such as conflict resolution, active listening, and empathy.

increase customer satisfaction

Account Manager

Supports the rep, organizes weekly performance reviews and ensures KPIs are met.

quality assurance analyst

Quality Assurance Analyst

Continuously monitors the quality, tone and effectiveness of customer calls, and grammar on emails.

customer service training

Corporate Trainer

Enables rep with tools for success and undergoes in-depth training and role plays with the agent before they reach out to prospects.

increase custome retention

Content Writer

Drafts template conversations to attract leads, educates prospects and writes rebuttals for commons objections.

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